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Hi All,

It's quite a while since I've visited here.

My kidney cancer follow ups have all been NED so far so that's great after 4 years.

For the past year I've had recurring troubles with kidney stones which is starting to get annoying.  They are uric acid stones so may be preventable.  

Two weeks ago I had a prostate biopsy and got the result yesterday while I was at the hospital getting my latest kidney stone dealth with.  And the result is that I have prostate cancer.  It is low grade and found early so it is a lot less scary than kidney cancer.

So I guess now is a good time to go and introduce myself on the prostate cancer forum.



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    Second Rodeo

    Got the Ptostate biopsy results on August 1, 2019. Surgery on 9/30/2o19. If that were not rnough, I had my Galllbladder out 80 days later on New Years Eve.





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    not great, but-

    I mean, it's not great about your prostate, but blessings that you found it early. Plus you already got past RCC so you know you'll beat this one, too. 

    Congrats on your NEDs. Keep it going!


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    Sorry for second cancer,but

    Sorry for second cancer,but usually 1 stage never comeback

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    Hi Steve

    Oh so sorry for this news. Icemantoo has been on this road so you are not alone. I'll be praying for good outcomes...