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Farewell to Donna Faye

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Not long after our dear Donna Faye bid us goodbye in her last post at https://csn.cancer.org/node/322878, she passed away amongst her beloved family. Her obituary is at https://www.articobits.com/obituaries/american-cremation-and-funeral-service-durham-nc/faye-gregory-obituary. It's a beautiful tribute to the woman we got to know here.

I'm deeply grateful that Donna Faye chose to keep us close as she neared the end of her journey so that we could express our love and appreciation for all her wise words and support to others while she was still alive to read our messages and understand how much she meant to us.

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i minded not knowing......

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Kathy G.
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A life well lived...

Such a sharing, caring and dignified soul right up to the end...I am sure her family feels they were blessed just as we do here. 😇😇

May she rest in eternal peace!

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Donna Faye's obituary describes just the person who warmed our hearts and supported our souls here on the forum. It brought tears to my eyes; she was so well loved. Thanks for sharing it with us, cmb.

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Thank you, cmb.

She has touched so many of us and we are all truly blessed by that generous act.

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Thanks CMB. Donna Faye will always be a special member to many of us. 

Love and Hugs,


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It was a great privilege to have crossed paths with Donna Faye on this board.  I will always remember her as a truly unique and special woman with a kind and generous spirit. 

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Thank you for bringing some closure. I sure miss her!



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It's so nice of you to post her obituary for us to read. It was a wonderful tribute to a wonderful woman who will greatly missed by many.

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The board went quiet as we were told goodbye by Donna Faye.  It helps to see her memorial.  I thought we have to respect each members wishes.  Some want to pass privately.  But we have affection for our members.  All.  So it is nice to read the tribute.

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I miss her.  I'm so sorry I didn't get the chance to bid her goodbye.  She was so kind, so supportive and understanding. Sounds like she lived a remarkable life.  Her family was so lucky to have her.

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Thank you for posting, CMB. She was diagnosed just a month or so before me and was one of the first I met on this board. We were both stage 1A and she was such an inspiration to me. 
An amazing woman! She is missed.

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Thank you for posting Donna Faye's obituary CMB.  I miss her.


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Thank you! I haven't been on in quite a while. I'm so sorry to hear this.

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