How quickly things change

Donna Faye
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I have done very well since deciding no more treatment and joined hospice to have someon to contact. Up until January 15. Was prefectly fine and then cancer hit with a vengence. Thankfully they put me in a hospice care unit for 7 days. Felt awful and frankly was ready to call the game, but alas they got me stable and sent me home today. This perituneum cancer is not good. Guess as to future- weeks to months. Weeks sounds better to me, but we'll see. I think of Cheese often as we shared th type and she was so honest with her feelings.

Hugs All! df



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    Thinking of you…

    Donna Faye,

    You've been such an inspiration to me and others on this site in how to live a full and meaningful life with this disease. Thank you for all your advice and the wonderful support you shown to others, despite your own struggles.

    I dearly wish that hospice can keep you pain free and that your remaining time, whether long or short, be peaceful and surrounded with love from your family. I know that all the pragmatic lifestyle steps you took over the past couple of years will help to make this possible.

    Know that I am with you in spirit during this time.

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    You mean so much to me

    Donna Faye, your presence on this board has meant so much to me -- your support, your outlook, your joy at living, your sharing your experiences with drugs and options many of us haven't had yet. Thank you for being you!

    As cmb said, I hope your time ahead is filled with joy and love and is pain free. We'll be here with you. Big big hug.


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    Donna Faye, I couldn't put it

    Donna Faye, I couldn't put it any better than cmb.  I pray for your comfort and your family.  

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    Thank you, Donna Faye

    Well, this is a kick in the pants, is it not?  CMB's elegant post really says it all.  You have been an inspiration to me, I'll tell you.  Thank you for helping me overcome irrational fear so that I can be  more effective in facing facts and charting a plan.  You owe us nothing, of course, but I have so valued your frank explorations of your feelings and decision-making processes.  Especially now that you are speaking without sugar-coating that you are engaged in end of life planning.  That ability to do so is awesome and a valuable service to us here.

    It sounds as if you have engaged with a caring and effective hospice service.  May you continue to be comfortable and at peace.  You are fortunate indeed to be in the care of family who loves you so. Rest easy and take your joy where you find it.  You are in my heart-felt thoughts as you travel this path.  You are not alone.  Best wishes, Oldbeauty


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    Love you, Donna Faye!

    Donna Faye, I'm so sorry you had such a rough week.  Like others, I really appreciate your insight and your thoughts about the road we all travel, and pray that hospice can keep you comfortable.  Prayers for you and your family as you navigate these next steps.

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    Dear Donna Faye

    Thank you for your update.   I am glad you can share your journey still among those who understand and are grateful for your words of wisdom. I pray for your comfort and peace of mind.  We hold you in our hearts.

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    Donna Faye

    Thank you so much for coming back after what has to been a very difficult time for you, to do as you have done best which is to educate us about your journey. Your sharing of your life with us has been invaluable, supporting all of us and those to come with your experiences, love, and caring. It has been an honor to know you. 



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    Can I ever be thankful enough

    Dear Friends, Thank you for the kind thoughts. It is 2 am EST and I have just had an accident in my depends. That beautiful boy in the pic with me heard my bell and quickly got me to the bathroom. We have worked out a system where I can handle clean up but he has a lot to get me there and back. It is just the 2 of us tonight so he has been on nursing duty for the night. Tears are fallling as I write. Beautiful tears of gratitude ! I am in loving hands...the best gift in all this world. I am at peace in my soul. 

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    A lasting gift

    A loving family – a blessing anytime, but especially now. Feeling gratitude for a life well lived is what I hope that I'll feel as I reach my end – whenever that happens. But in your case, it's not "luck" that you feel this way – only a reflection of the love you've shared with your children and others.

    Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts and experiences during this time. So often those we've become close to through this site understandably withdraw to their closest family and friends as they near the end of their life's journey. But I find it comforting to know that peaceful acceptance is possible, if that's what one wants and feels. While your contributions have always been very valuable, those shared now are a gift to the rest of us.

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    I echo cmb's above comments

    Donna Faye, I hope cmb doesn't mind my plagarizing her above comments, but I know I couldn't have said it better.  I will only add that I'm so happy you're feeling better and are back home in such good company.  And I really miss Cheese Queen too!

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    Donna, you and Susan, the

    Donna, you and Susan, the Queen of Cheese are my heroes! You both fought with everything you had but were able to see there comes a time when the quality of life is more important than the quantity. I hope when my times come I'm able to emulate you and Susan.



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    Thank you

    Your words have been a wonderful gift.  I wish you peace in your journey.  I am so happy you have these loving family members with you.

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    Saying Goodbye is So Hard

    Donna Faye, it's been such an honor to "know" you. Your words here have been a comfort and uplifting to so many. You will be so dearly missed, but always remembered. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and give your son a hug from me. It helps to visualize how good he's been to you through all of this. 

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    When my dad was dying a few

    When my dad was dying a few years ago (well, five now, doesn't feel like so many), the doctors told him more than once what wonderful children he had and how lucky he was. We always answered that it's because we had wonderful parents and we were the lucky ones. I know the same is true for you and your sons. No matter what life brings or when death comes, loving family is the one true blessing, and what matters most. Not only to you, but to your sons as well, you can rest assured of that. Well done. Love to you and yours.

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    Donna Faye you are an

    Donna Faye you are an inspiration to all God bless you I am praying for your spiritual and physical comfort

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    Donna Faye, may God bless you

    Donna Faye, may God bless you and keep you and comfort your family. Thank you for sharing yourself so generously with the women on this board.


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    Donna Faye, thank you for all

    Donna Faye, thank you for all of the care and sharing you have provided us. I pray that you continue to be kept comfortable and I'm comforted knowing you will be surrounded by those that love you most. You are leaving our world a better place just by being you. Until we meet again sweet lady. Love you.

    Love and Hugs,


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    Thank you Donna Faye

    I'm here to support my mom; all the ladies who posted have captured what you mean to everyone here with so much eloquence.  For me I think it's that you look things right in the face and make decisions that are from a place of love and acceptance, not fear.  Like cmb said it's very comforting to know the transition to whatever comes next can be met with peace.  I'm sending thoughts that you can stay pain-free during this time.  I know you'll be surrounded by loving family, so that's taken care of :)


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    Dear Donna Faye,

    Even though I've only been a part of this board for a relatively short period of time, I have been blessed to get to know you. You've been in my prayers for months, thinking of you often, and hoping and wishing for only the best for you. The outpouring of love and gratitude extended to you from our friends here and from your loved ones with you at home, is a reflection of all the love you have given to them. You a truly a woman to be loved and admired. 
    I wish you comfort and peace.

    With love, Alicia

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    Dearest Donna Faye, I want

    Dearest Donna Faye, I want you to know this:


    Not going to wait for someday.  Today is the day.