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19 Years Later!

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Lisa Rose
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Joined: Mar 2003

Hello CSN Friends!

Just wanted to share hope and inspiration to anyone starting this journey.

My surgery was 19 years ago today! Diagnosed Stage 3C Rectal Cancer with 10 positive Lymph Nodes at age 40.

Looking back I remember how scared I was as I had a young son age 10. Now my son is all grown up and getting married this summer. I am blessed!

Just remember this disease is treatable and beatable!

So on this first day of spring I now start my 20th year in remission.

With Love, Lisa Rose




Tom M.
Posts: 181
Joined: May 2019

Congratulations and how wonderful. Your coment and those from other long term survivors are what keeps me going. God bless you all.

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Start planning a wonderful 20th anniversary treat for this time next year.  



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Phenomenal!! Thanks for bringing that history back here, as I'm sure so many need to hear such first-hand stories like that....................................................Dave

Posts: 8
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Thanks for sharing this!  My husband has been newly diagnosed in December and I've had many sleepless nights.  I saw your comment this morning and it was just what I needed to hear to get mine and my husband's spirits up.


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There are no words to describe my happiness for you!

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Congratulations.  That is inspirational.

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Joined: Jan 2019

Wonderful!  I'm so happy for you and hope many people are inspired by your story.  I am stage four colon cancer and have scans coming up late next month.  If my scans are clear I will be four years and three months in remission.

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Joined: May 2021

So great to read that you are doing well. What treatment did you receive for your cancer? I hope you get a good report from your scans. 

Real Tar Heel
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This is a great story. Congratulations and what an insiring story to give positive thoughts to those having a tough time at the moment.

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Joined: Mar 2021

I'm very new to this group and learning as much as I can about cancer. Your story is the first one I read. Congratulation to you!!!!! It is absolutely fantastic!! Thank you for giving hope. Stay healthy!! 


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Canadian Sandy
Posts: 705
Joined: Jul 2016

Congratulations! I have just passed my 5 year Ned mark.....there is hope for all.

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Lisa Rose
Posts: 597
Joined: Mar 2003

Hi Canadian Sandy, where in Canada do you live! Lisa in Mon NB

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Canadian Sandy
Posts: 705
Joined: Jul 2016

Hi Lisa.....I live on the west coast in Vancouver BC. I've had Colon, kidney and face cancer all since 2008. I'll be 80 this year and just had a cataract removed. I have been very blessed.

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I am just reporting as a third Canadian on this board. I live in Toronto,ON. Happy to be Canadian!

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Lisa, that is such wonderful news.  I'm so glad that you shared that successful story with us, and to hear that your son is all grown up and getting married.  You have much to be thankful for.  Please come back and let us know how you and your family are doing.


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Joined: Apr 2021

Oh man, you are so lucky and blessed! I am really happy to hear this kind of stories, when people who have actually once suffered of cancer, have overpassed it, and are living a wonderful life right now!

Posts: 10
Joined: Feb 2021

Thank you for providing such encouragement!

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What a great milestone!

I am at 9 years - it is so nice for new people on the site to see positives.

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