I got shot

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Went to downtown West Palm Beach last Tuesday and got shot in the right arm by a fireman. Second dose is February 9.








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    Pfizer or Moderna?

    Pfizer or Moderna?

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    how you feeling? 

    how you feeling? 

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    Sore shoulder

    No big thing.




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    I repeat Bay Area Guy's ?

    Let us know any reactions.  I just wish Oregon could get more vaccine doses.  After watching a few of those injections being given, I could tell the muscles there would be sore...that's a deep Intra muscular (IM) shot.  Deeper, even, than the flu shot was.


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    Sore shoulder

    Got mine, Moderna and had a sore shoulder.

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    Glad to hear!

    Wish I could get it. I'm a long way off I'm afraid. Too many people, too little vaccine in this area.

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    todd121 said:

    Glad to hear!

    Wish I could get it. I'm a long way off I'm afraid. Too many people, too little vaccine in this area.

    Same here with vaccine

    I've read that the rate of new infections in Arizona is the highest in the U.S. They opened February's appointments on Tuesday at 9 a.m. and they were all gone by 10 a.m. So it's a waiting game here and we just have to suck it up. Glad to hear that you are moving forward with your treatment plan Todd and as before wishing for the best possible outcome.

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    You probably deserved it.

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    Happy for those of you that've gotten your shots.

    With my luck, the day before I'm scheduled to get my vaccine is the day I'm gonna end up testing positive for COVID... :) 


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    Good for you!

    Good for you!

    I hope we all stay healthy. Recently an infectologist, who cured my husband from Hep C, died from COVID :-( 

    A very talented doc, as infectologist, he was on frontline fighting this damn virus

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    I had my second shot this past Monday

    Iceman, that second shot packs a punch!  So plan the next day accordingly. 


    I've also been giving shots too and it's nice to finally be on the offensive against this virus! 

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    Us too.

    My husband and I also got our shots.  He is the one that had RCC.  He felt nauseated the next day.  It was mild.  I had a sore arm.  We are both thankful.

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    Glad to know you are getting

    Glad to know you are getting your vaccines. I just finished my 2nd shot. Had shot given higher up on arm.

    I learned the 2nd shot side effects is different for each person, BUT does pack a punch the 1st one didn't have. 

    I was suddenly dizzy with nausea 1 hour after shot. It only last a couple of hours. 

    Then later that night, ever muscle in my body hurt with a headache. I drank a lot of water. Headache subsided with TylenoL. Others have fever, very fatigued where you stay in bed, but it was over in a day or two. 

    Hope you stay safe and well.


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    Glad to see the shots are rolling out. I received mine 2 days ago, 1st dose.