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The great run has hit a road block

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I can't believe I haven't been here in so long, well I have checking in....but just not posting. I found a great support group for caretakers and am very active there. It's been 37 months now...so hard to believe that he has been fighting like a trooper. As of my last update, his meds did not change he was doing very well and responding so darn well we really were so darn close! CEA even down to 13....at the highest it hit 1,300. Back almost 2 years ago he had the y-90 and they said that a bead traveled leaving multiple burns in his stomach. He still has so much ulcer pain that they took him off of everything to do an EDG. It couldn't be completed at he was "rushed" to the ER via ambulance to the hospital in the same parking lot. (seriously I could have wheeled him there quicker than the darn ambulance took to get there). Anywhoo, the next day he had surgery.

Since that EDG he hasn't been right, diareaha more cramping and blood. So they scheduled him for another and a colonoscopy. Needless to say, his "roadblock" his a partial bowel obstruction. Monday he starts Radiation and we we[ll see yet another surgeon. Meanwhile we or should I say I am ticked. They are now saying the treatment his hurting his stomach....NO the treatment was started after the complications. I feel like I am talking to brick walls. 

We shall see how radiation goes it's just for 5 days and at least this time we don't have to worry about the kids or animals going around him while he is glowing. 

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What a ride - and I'm not talking about the amblance ride, whose bill I would be contesting.  

I am sure you are feeling like it is two steps back, one step forward.  

It is good that you have found a forum for caregivers and that it is helping you.  And thank you for the update. 

Stay strong. 


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I am so sorry to hear this, it must have been very scary. I hope that the radiation helps and he is back on the road to recovery soon. I hope you are feeling well also!

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Hope you get some good answers from the surgeon and the radiation does it's work.  I'm sorry that he is going through so much.  Thank you for the update and hope he gets some relief soon.


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