6 Years Ago Today: Warning Shot Fired By Cancer

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6 years ago today I opened up a scan report and there was a mention that "a neoplastic lesion cannot be excluded."

They were right Laughing

This is the earliest date from which I can start counting my cancer.  Two weeks later another scan indicated it was cancer.  Four weeks later biopsy.  Six weeks my surgery.


  • MandiePandie
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    what a journey...

    Would you mind sharing how you are doing now? I saw on your bio that you certainly have beaten some of those ugly little stats they give... gotta love that! 

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     You are one very caring

     You are one very caring person! Even though you've been through so much your always willing to help others and encourage them. I'm praying that things will be better for you soon and thanks from the bottom of my heart for your wise words.


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    You are so amazing and a

    You are so amazing and a strong fighter!  Keep up the fight.

    I read you when first joining here and was like WOW!!!

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    The Dreadful Word

    None of us will ever forget how that scenario played out, but we sure are glad that you are still posting and giving your thoughts, experiences and encouragement. 


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    More than a warning shot

      You got told the same thing the rest of us did. You've got cancer! You beat it so that's a big plus. Congrats are in order. You're still here like the rest of us so that calls for celebration.  I'm having Crown Royal mixed with Pepsi, care for some? 

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    Beat the Odds

    That is our battle cry! You are a strong fighter and I am always amazed how you kept running and working out even while hooked up to chemo ! Hope you have a peaceful and joyous Holiday and New Year!

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    Congrats on 6 years your truely a inspiration I can't tell you how many times I tell my dad of your story when he feels down . So that he can see even if the odds aren't in his favor they can still be overcome with heart and fight and determination your living proof of that . 

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    5 years ago I knew something was wrong, I just didn't know what. It took another two months to find out. I'm still here, glad you are too!