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It is with great sadness I am posting Susan Rago's obituary.

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Our Queen of Cheese lost her battle with this d*mn illness. She fought so hard but is now free from pain and in the arms of the angels.


My heart is broken. 



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CheeseQueen57 fought through so many setbacks during her battle with cancer it's hard to believe that she's gone. I know that I'll miss her presence and contributions to this board deeply. And while I can't imagine how her loved ones are feeling right now, my deepest sympathies are with them.

Thank you, Eldri, for letting us know that our dear friend is at peace.

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Oh, my heart.  I was so hoping things would turn back around for our cheese queen.  It is getting harder to say goodbye...

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How simply awful it is to learn of dear CheeseQueen's passing.  Losing a light of your life at the Holidays is just too much.  Husband Angelo and Son Alex and future DIL Natalie please know Susan was a cherished friend and leader here among our tribe.  We shall miss her.  Blessings to you all.  In spirit, Susan will be watching over the upcoming nuptials with great pride and joy, and may memories of their many years of a loving marriage be a comfort to Angelo at this time.  Susan, your journey to everlasting peace is upon you.  Godspeed.  Best wishes, Oldbeauty

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Donna Faye
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rage against rhe dying of the light... brave warrior that she was, may she now rest in peace. 

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I only came here in 2019, but got to know about her a little bit. I kept on praying that she could make it to that wedding in Italy. May she Rest In Peace. 

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Eldri thank you for posting this. RIP sweet Susan. You will be missed so much.

I hope her family knows how much she was loved and supported by all of us. And, I hope they can find comfort in their wonderful memories of her.

Love and Hugs,


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This is what I posted on her Facebook page:

"I am so sorry to hear about Susan's passing. She was an extremely valuable member of our CSN where we have followed her journey through her treatment, remission and recurrence of this monster. She was always ready to help a new member and give them the benefit of all she had been through. She so hoped she would be able to make it until next summer for the wedding in Italy.

She used the nickname CheeseQueen57 and even showed us a picture of her with her sash. We gently teased her that we now had a beauty queen in our midst.

Your wife and mother was a wonderful person! She will be so missed. Even though we never met in person, we become quite close on that cancer board and it's especially hard to lose someone so cherished as her. May she rest in the arms of the angels. Goodbye, my friend."




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Thank you for sharing what you posted on her Facebook page. You've expressed our feelings so eloquently.

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CheeseQueen/Susan was such a shining star on this board.  I always marveled at how she was so willing to help anyone, even during the times she was going though her own major health challenges.  My deepest sympathy to her family and friends during this terribly difficult time.  Rest in peace, my dear Susan.  You will be greatly missed and always remembered.

Thank you, Eldri, for your beautiful Facebook post and for letting us know about this very sad news.


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This is such sad news coming at an already sad time for me. My prayers are going up for her family. May she Rest In Peace.

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miss her so much.


there is a wonderful photo tribute at the funeral home site. 

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So sorry to hear about Susan's passing. My condolences to her family. I will miss her. 

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RIP Cheese, you helped me a lot in the beginning of my journey.
Thanks Eldri for posting!

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Thank you for letting us know, Eldri. I'm so very sad to see this news and will miss CQs presence here. She contributed so much to all of us, what a good heart.

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Thank you so much for posting, Eldri.  

Our dear, spirited friend!  I will miss her.  A little piece of me dies as well when we lose a loved one to this beast.  My prayers are with her family.  

As I am sure we will always remember our beautiful friend:

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She was an inspiration.  Condolences to her family and friends.  She will be so missed.  RIP.

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While I only knew her through postings in the last year, she was a fighter and inspiration.  I so wanted her to make that wedding in Italy.  I think she will be there looking down on all her loved ones.  May she finally find peace.

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She was such a wonderful mainstay of our community, always supportive, always forthcoming with helpful guidance, even with all that she was facing.  So sad she is gone.

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I am so sad to hear Susan passed. She was so brave in all her cancer struggles, and was an inspiration to me and many others on this board. Condolences to her family - she was so proud of all of you and loved you all very much.

I'm sorry she won't physically be there for the Italy wedding, but I know she will be there in spirit.

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I wasn't on for a few days and am deeply sadden to hear of Susan.  Thank you Eldri for letting us know.  Heartbreaking.    

No words


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Susan was such an inspiration for me. She never stopped fighting.


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Oh, what sad news. I am so sorry for the personal loss that I know many of you are feeling. I'm much newer and didn't interact musch with Cheese Queen, but I learned a lot from her posts and admired her grit.



Red Corvette
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Mrs. Red and I were very sad to hear of Susan's passing. Her memory will be a blessing for us all.


Fridays Child
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This is heartbreaking news.  My prayers for her family and may she rest in peace.  She meant a lot to us here and was very helpful to many, and her posts will continue to do so in the future.  Thanks, Susan!

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