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Uterine Biopsy and delayed bleeding???

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Hi all. 
Posted several days ago that I had to have a biopsy done for a 14mm thickness. All went welll. Very minimal spotting. On day three I began to bleed. Lightly. Day 4, have to change my pad about two times, now today- day 5- I wake up with heavy bleeding!!!

I called my dr yesterday and was told she would return my call, or a nurse would. Never did. So today- I am just walking in and demanding a freaking consult!! 

Anyways, I haven't had a period since July (that would be three missed cycles) so obviously I am overdue but isn't it a bit too coincidental that I would be starting my period now- after a biopsy? Or is this something from the procedure and would the bleeding be delayed three days if she had perforated or done something? I have no fever , chills or anything. Feel pretty normal so I'm assuming no infection. 

Just hoping for someone to ease my mind before I can get in there today!! I really don't want to sit in the ER if it's nothing and something that could be addressed in office.... 

Thanks so much to any help. I'll pop back in when I get a medical opinion. 

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Is to be examined.  Good plan to be seen today

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I called and they didn't seem very concerned. All they said was if I soak a pad every 30, to call back! The nurse I talked to said that from the biopsy it could have caused the lining to shed from the weight. I don't know anymore. I mean, these are supposed to be medical professionals. It's awful not being able to trust your own doctor! 

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Elia, have you researched a gyn/oncologist? If you decide to get a second opinion on this whole situation, you may want to consider having that opinion with a gyn/onc.  I'm not saying that because I think you have cancer.  I just think that more opinions are better, and you may as well have an expert opinion.

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Yes I have already called a gyn/on . They said I need a referral so I am going to see what this new doctor says on Monday. I am at my wits end. I have been up all night GUSHING blood. I am crying and frustrated!!! Why, in 2020 in America, can a woman not get the care she needs!!! We have good Insurance. I just don't get it!!

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If you have been up all night gushing blood then it is time to go to an ER or an Urgent Care at the very least. Your doctor would probably advise the same because they wouldn't necessarily be able to stop such bleeding in the office.

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Unfortunately This is normal for me though. My lining always gets so thick, that I get the massive bleeding! Im still ok as far as no wooziness so Im going to hold off as long as possible. I have an autistic son at home, so its a major feet to leave on my own. I do have my husband ready to leave work at moments notice. I usually end up in the ER through the night so I can be home by morning when he awakens. 

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So I received my biopsy report. Thankfully- all normal. Am I relieved? No. I know from extensive research that in-office biopsies are not fool proof. 
Yesterday was my appointment with a new doctor just to get some differing opinions. Surprisingly he agreed with the former doctors course of treatment and disagreed with my argument that the in-office biopsy isn't reliable. I was confused to say the least. I do however like his bed side manner much more. He is thourough and not dismissive like my former gyn , so I am going to see him from now on. 

So his suggestion to me were my options of hysterectomy (due to the still extreme flows and large ovarian cyst on an ovary) EA, or hormones. I can't do hormones due to my migraines , so I'm left with the decision of going through the hyst and being 100% sure if anything was there it would be removed , and if there WAS something undetected from the Endo biopsy, an ablasion could result in spreading cancer! 

I realize that this is probably no longer the right board for me to be on, but I just wanted to post my update in case anyone out there was experiencing the same as me. Thank you to all who've helped me, and I sincerely hope and pray for positive outcomes to each lady on here! Xo

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From: https://csn.cancer.org/node/321235

"The risk factors for endometrial adenocarcinoma are:

1.) Hormone imbalance.  Most think this is just about over-exposure to estrogen, but it's been becoming clearer that other hormones like insulin and insulin growth factor are involved in the development of cancer.

Things that increase over-exposure to estrogen are:

  • early-onset mestruation (before age 12)
  • No pregnancies
  • never having taken birth control (need a minimum of 2 years on it and protection benefits can last up to 10 years)
  • late menopause (increases the # of menstral cycles over a lifetime)
  • elevated BMI because fat cells also produce estrogen
  • Diagnosis of PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome)

Things that indicate insulin and insulin growth factor resistence:

  • pre-diabetes or diabetes
  • PCOS
  • Metabolic syndrome

Other risk factors for endometrial cancer:

  • Positive for Lynch Syndrome (genetic factor) or close family members having the same type of uterine cancer.
  • Exposure to endocrine disruptors in your environment
  • Tomixifen treatment for breast cancer
  • Age (risk increases around the time of menopause and afterwards)
  • History of endometrial hyperplasia
  • History of pelvic radiation for another cancer
  • High fat diet (contributes to weight issues and thereby increase over exposure to estrogen)
  • Sedentary life style (excercise facilitates glucose uptake by cells by increasing insulin sensitivity besides burning calories)"

Most of us are blindsided by a uterine cancer diagnosis because it doesn't get the attention that cervical and breast cancer get. There is currently no screening test for it. Knowing the risk factors for the most common form of uterine cancer, endometrial adenocarcinoma, may give you a clue as to where you stand for your own risk of developing this cancer and may help you to decide between the options you've been given. You may also want to consider having genetic testing (insurance doesn't cover it, unfortunately) to see how that may be adding to your risk. Right now, you have the time to get such testing and weigh the pros and cons of a prophylactic hysterectomy, so stay on top of this. You are your own best advocate, so it's in your interest to learn what you can and not let your doctor's play "let's wait and see". It's your life at stake, not theirs, so sometimes you have to be that "squeeky wheel" when your gut is telling you something is not right.

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Elia111, Well, that is really good news! And, the best part... you found a doctor you are comfortable with. It is your decision to make on how to address your issues going forward. I just wanted to let you know that if I had it to do over again, I would have gotten a hysterectomy 3 years earlier. That would have saved me this entire cancer journey. With all of your other problems, you may find your life a whole lot better if you do go forward with one. Whatever you do, follow your instincts. 

Finally, feel free to stay with us on this board. You are welcome and your questions may even help someone else along the way.

Wishing you the best of luck on your next steps.

Love and Hugs,


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If you do end up deciding on having a hysterectomy, consider asking/pushing for a referral to a gyn-oncologist to have it done. Surprises happen. You may find this thread of interest: https://csn.cancer.org/node/322208

As long as there is any concern about cancer perhaps being missed by your biopsy, it would be better to have your surgery done by someone who could conclusively rule it in or out and has the special skills for handling tissue during surgery in a manner that won't spread cells where they are not wanted.


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Thank you for your amazing responses and for the guidance and tips. I feel like real life survivors are better informed than doctors who simply follow a play book and what's good for one, is good for all!

@cindi I have read of women like you that in hind-site wish they'd of just had the hysterectomy and been done with it. I have to say, I am truly leaning in that direction! What peace of mind to never worry about it again! Although he did say if I went that route that he would still leave one ovary. And if I do go that route, I will definately seek out the gyn/oncologist as Mabound recommended . Provided insurance will cover. 
Thank you for extending my invitation to stay. You all are so wonderful and supportive that I feel I would truly be missing out if I had to leave! 


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Hi Elia:

I had been complaining of pain for about a year.  My gyne did a laproscopy and indicated my uterus was tilted and that I had a lot of scarring.  He suggested a hysterectomy.   I had to wait 7 months before having it done because he wanted me on Lupron to soften the lesions to aid in surgery.   The hysterectomy went well.   However, upon my follow-up I learned I had endometrial adenocarcinoma Grade 2, Stage 3A.   Then I had to do another surgery for staging.   They did not think prior to my hysterectomy that I had cancer.   I was 45 years old at the time.

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