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Peritoneal Cancer - After Endometrial

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Good Morning ladies...


Happy Sunday!


Wondering anyone on here, was dx with peritoneal cancer, after endometrial? If so, what were your symptoms...


I know it is possible, even after a complete hyster/bso.



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My original post on this board was "Fallopian tube girl on your uterine board." You don't need to read the entire thread, but just last Friday I was asking about Peritoneal cancer. I am still waiting on my final pathology, but tissue from August hysterectomy, doesn't exactly match September lymphadenectomy pathology, and GO kind of haphazardly threw out the term "Peritoneal cancer," and implied it was synonymous with ovarian cancer, and therefore treated in the same way (same chemo). During my sec/staging surgery he found 4 tiny spots of cancer/tumor....bladder, colon bumper, outside of rectum and small nodule near left vaginal cuff. At the time he described them as endometriosis tissue that had tiny tumors in the layers and scarring from the endometriosis. I've spent hours this weekend trying to understand and if you search for PC (which I'm sure you've already discovered) you come up with all kinds of nightmarish info that mostly has to do with areas north of the "true pelvis" and in/near abdomen. 

cmb suggested searching on this sight for "peritoneal " And go to last page and move backwards to find "LorettaMarshall" posts. I found her on p. 187. (I quit after that cuz I was tired!) She posted a lot about peritoneal.

oh....and to answer your original question...the only symptom I've ever had of anything was very light post menopausal bleeding, which it turns out was from the not cancerous uterine polyp I had.

Let us know how things go. XO, Alicia

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I did suggest searching for the keyword Peritoneal, but to reduce the number of hits, run this keyword search on the OVARIAN board page https://csn.cancer.org/forum/132 where LorettaMarshall and most of the other members with this type of cancer posted. And yes, if you go to the last page of hits and work backwards you'll see a lot of informative posts by Loretta. 


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thx, I'm not sure how to do that but will try! ❤️

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My endometrial cancer metastasized to peritoneal. Not fun. 

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so sorry CheeseQueen, what treatment are you planning? You are in my prayers

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Diane The Fighter
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So sorry to hear of your recurrence, you are in my prayers and wanted you to know I will be thinking of you in your journey to be NED again :) 

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After my sigmoidectomy, colostomy I was dx with metastic peritoneal & omentum cancer. Hard to know if I had any symptoms because my bowel, bladder & stomach hurt all the time.  good luck & hope you have successful treatments. 

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I had a tumor removed last December from my peritoneum (along with several others in abdomen) but the path report showed it was endometrial cancer. I also had stomach aches all of the time.

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Hi Jan9wils,

Wishing you and everyone well and a restful and easy Thanksgiving holiday. We do not have this tradition in my country. I have not posted for a while but I read some of your responses to posts about endometrial cancer. I also read your story. You have had quite a journey. Thank you for your helpful posts.

Right now I am a little uneasy about stomach aches. Have you posted elsewhere about your experience with this?

Could I also ask another question, as in your story you mention 'lymphovascular invasion. Lymph nodes clear, wash was clear.' If lymph nodes were clear and wash was clear how was it that lymphovascular invasion was detected? I ask this as in 2010 my surgeon gave me a choice about lymph node removal and I said I preferred not if it was avoidable. As an RN I had assisted many women with lymphodema management and just felt I could not countenance this for myself, unless it was really essential.  In Dec 2010 I had a laparoscopic total abdominal hysterectomy with BSO. Lymph nodes were not dissected during surgery although my surgeon manually examined but there was no written report on this.  Since surgery I have had intermittent gastroparesis symptoms and now it is quite severe. Two years after cancer surgery I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy for these gastroparesis symptoms. Result was gastritis, and a small nodule around caecum removed in surgery and then lost during transfer to pathology container.

Not sure at present if I need to just stay with my primary GP and manage it, or ask to be referred back to my Oncology gynaecologist again. I have had no recurrences of endometrial cancer and was clear after five years, although CT showed I have tiny fibrous spots in lungs and a few liver cysts which were investigated several times with no further follow-up advised unless I became symptomatic.

Many thanks to you and all those who support this community by sharing,


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