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One kidney and intermittent fasting diet. Possible?

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Hi everyone!

I hope all are well and safe in these strange times we are living.

I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, last year, and one of the kidneys have been removed.

Well... I've got a few kilos too much during the last months and want to get back to normal shape.

The complication part is that I can't do too many sports at the moment. I also had a tendon rupture last year...

Anyway, life goes on and I would like to try the Intermittent Fasting diet.

It is OK to stay without eating for long periods when a person has just one kidney?

All the best to all, take care and be good!

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You need input from a nephrologist and a dietician who specializes in kidney issues.

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I've been having great success with intermittent fasting. I tried 16/8, but that did nothing for me. The past four months I've been on 5/2, and it's been AMAZING.

My doctor said that I.F. is fine, but stressed the importance of staying hydrated. Some people tend to drink less water when fasting, which is bad bad bad. Keep your kidney(s) happy with plenty of water. 

But checking with your doctor like AliceB suggested is the best way to go. 

Good luck! 

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I am intrigued. Does a 5/2 mean 5 days eating and 2 fasting?

I know I could search, but I'm here. I might as well ask. LOL!

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Yes, 5/2 I.F. means five days of normal eating - and two days of "fasting" (under 600 calories/day). The first time doing it was really hard, but it gets easy - and it's worked wonders for me. 


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