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Chadswick Bosman( Black Panther)

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I was so sad to learn of Chadswick Bosman (Black Panther) passing of colon cancer at 43.  He was such a strong man performinng many movies during treatment. Such a great loss. It also made me start to think again about getting a colonoscopy. I am 44 and wonder if its time to have one. I ask my Oncologist last year she didnt feel I needed to get one. My granfather passed from colon cancer.  I just had my annual scans and results last week. Which were NED THANK GOD . My bowels have changed since my nephrectomy in 2017 which concerned me. My question is can a CT scan see the colon to detect colon cancer.  I know it mentions the bowls on the CT scan but I wonder if I should request a Colonscopy again. Have many of you had colonscopies as a part of your inital scans.

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Canadian Sandy
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colonoscopy is the best test to check for colon cancer. A ct will show something there but then they'll refer you for a colonoscopy. I have them every couple of years since having colon cancer.

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Bay Area Guy
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Agree on colonoscopy.  It's a pain in the butt (pun intended), but it's the best way 5o identify any potential problems and, in the event some pre-cancerous lesions arespotted, they can ber3moved immediately.

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