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Hi all, I haven't been on in quite a while.  I'm at a point where my emotions run very high coming on the board.  I had to stop taking anti anxieties, they were ruining my brain.  That meant avoiding triggers.  I wouldn't say what I am now is "back to normal" but I don't think about cancer night and day like I used to.  I've had whole days where I don't think about it at all.  The ostomy has become something completely separate in my brain.  I'm on here looking for Ron50.  He's such a trooper.  I see he hasn't signed on since February.  

I also am incredibly saddened to hear we lost JanJan.  She was a superstar=(  


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I've also started a seperate thread awhile back and he never responded.  Hope he is doing well.  Miss him on the boards and you are right, he is a trooper.


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I'm going to try to figure out his real name.  It's 2020, we really should say who we are and where we're from if we want to.  I know he's from Australia.

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Did you try sending him a personal message via CSN?  I know that he checks in when he hears that people are asking after him. 

Last I heard, he had retired - finally - and I hope he is out there fishing and enjoying his life. 


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