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Sad news from Cheers regarding her Mother

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Cheers just wrote to say her mother passed away from her struggle with uterine carcinosarcoma (MMMT) in January, 2020. Cheers reports that her mother persevered during her long fight with cancer, despite setbacks from her various treatments, but in the end, she couldn't beat back this insidious disease.

You can read about the cancer treatments she considered and/or tried at the following links:


My deepest sympathies to Cheers during this sad time.


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Thank you for letting us know, cmb.  I am so sorry to hear about Cheers mom.  

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She suffered so much. Sorry to hear her fight is over. I hate cancer. 

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May she rest in peace. So sorry for Cheers' loss. 

Thanks CMB for letting us know.

Love and Hugs,


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Dear all,

thank your for your comments and supportive words. My mother was a really strong and courageous woman who, unfortunately, suffered a lot due to this insidious cancer (and also for a previous one). She was very attached to life and didn´t want to leave us... Unfortunately she had to and for me it has been the most heartbreaking pain of my life, and I say this having lost my father when I was 10.

On my side I will try to spread the word about this cancer so that one day it can be defeated. It´s the only thing for me to do for my mother.



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I am so sorry. My mother died in early March and I keep thinking of things I want to tell and ask her. 

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So sorry for the loss of your mother. Mothers are precious things. 


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So sorry for your loss, Connie.  I hope you find comfort in memories of your Mom.

Love and Hugs,


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Dear all,

thanks a lot for your support. It´s been a hard path for me to get back to normal life. I miss her so much.

Connie, sorry for your mother loss too. I know what you mean... I "talk" to her everyday cause I cannot still beleive that she is not around. Send you a big hug. Please, if I can do something just let me know (though I quite aware that there is nothing another person can do in these circumstances).

Hope you are doing well in the USA regarding the COVID-19. In Spain things are starting to settle, but at a slow pace.



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Cheers, Connie. I am sorrier than you know for the loss of your moms. That's a special bond that you can't have with anyone else, so the loss is a big one. My husband and I just had our 40th anniversary and even though we couldn't do much to celebrate I couldn't help but feel blessed anyway because my parents didn't make it to have their 40th together. I've now lived longer and have been married longer than my mom and even after 28 years I'm still missing her in my life so much. I have good memories that help, but it's still a big gaping hole in my heart. I'm so sorry that you have to go on now without your moms, too. ((Hugs.))

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So sorry to hear about your mother, Cheers.  My mother is fighting UPSC.  I am her only child and it's been basically us against the world my entire life. 

I hope you find comfort in your close relationship as not everyone is blessed to have such a bond.  Sending you lots of love and light.


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