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Elastomeric pump 5FU

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Hi All.

Has anyone had any experience with the Elasomeric (Ball) pump with (46 hr) home infusion for folfiri?.

My home nurse said I may be changing from the standard battery operated pump to it.


Thanks for any thoughts.



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When I was on FOLXFOX 3 years ago I had the non-electic pump (the Dosi Fuser - information on that link, ) that works on body heat.  It was plugged into my chest then another pad on abdoman.  Quiet and just the general annoying experience of not getting wet (basically I would not shower until disconnected, sponge bath as needed), getting used to having something hanging on you, trying to adjust to sleeping with it.  I am guessing similar to having any other pump.   Carried it around (the infusion bottle) in a pouch with belt they gave me.

I am using the same system now for FOLFORI.  Only one treatment so far.   They (Memorial Sloan Kettering) are swtiching to another pump that does not use body heat (it seems the Dosi Fuser is not available anymore, or maybe they said they stopped buying them because they like the new system better since not based on body heat.  OR both. I had a reaction to the infusion, so was not 100% on my game at the hospital Laughing )  In fact it may be the Elasomeric (Ball) I think.  I checked photos and it seemed to be what is described.

As an aside, the pump has only 5FU in it, the other part of FOLFOX and FOLFORI are given during the treatment at the infusion suite, the remaining 46 hours or so is the 5FU.

So basically it will better overall since it is quiet and you do not need to worry about power for the unit, if either power or noise were issues with your system.


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I used the ball for my 3 rounds of Folfox and the dosi for my 11 rounds of Folfiri.  They make no noise, require no input from you, and do exactly what they're supposed to do.  I did find that the ball was much more compact than the dosi.


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No noise! Wow. My take home pump makes that noise and is so hard to sleep. I leave the tv on quiet and cover it with pillow and still hear it.

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I could have done with one of those.  My pump quite working, and the batteries were new. I even replaced them, but nothing. 11 pm, of course. I called the emergency  1-800 # for three hours, no answer.  I didn't get infused from 11 pm to 9 am, and my oncologist was so mad they didn't answer the emergency # that he quit using the company.  

So, that was a very long way of saying, no, I didn't use it. HA! 


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It might be a new device as mine was loud so I'd have to put a pillow over it not to hear it.  It quit working like Tru said and never bothered to call them as it was almost done with.  Hated being attached to it but it was better than sitting in the hospital.  Hope this one works well for you.


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Joined: Apr 2017

Thanks to Never an Moutainhiker for your recomendation. Sounds like it might be a good switch for me.   Thanks to All for the encouragement and thoughts.



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I used the ball with folfox for 12 treatments, it's easy. You have the lines under a t-shirt and the ball at your hip during the day, clipped to your collar [or whereever's good] when you sleep. The one issue for someone who does physical stuff is to tape the line connectors, I managed to disconnect the line twice, and going to the ER for a fix is a real pain. Best of luck.................................................Dave

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Joined: Apr 2017

I appreciate the feedback. I know what you mean about taping the connectors. I tend to pull on them too.





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