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Lumpectomy Chest Pain

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Hello Warriors, Newbie here. I had a lumpectomy of my left breast on March 23,2020. I have had no aftercare due to this pandemic. Stage 1 - ILC. I have cording in the armpit and pain/pressure in the middle of my chest. Surgeon is no help, and gives me no answers. It is less than 1 month, and understand some discomfort, but I am disgusted that I am left to fend for myself. can anyone help me out? Thank you. 
This whole journey has been a nightmare. I will get into that more later, but think my pain pill is kicking in! Yay! 

Fed Up In NYC

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Hi,  it's so much going on and I can imagine how you feel.  I had a lumpectomy and was in pain for a while  I don't remember having chest pains, but everybody is different.  The left side of my breast was hurting and all I was restless at night.  I hope you feel better. 

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