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Getting ducks in a row

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Question:  How many here had to have blood with APR surgery?

I want my donor to be a family member if I do need blood.

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My surgery didn't require blood, but had to sign a waiver that I'd accept the hospital blood if needed.  I'm sure if you arranged it with the hospital prior to surgery they might work with you, but they might require some very strict guidelines.  Ask your provider and hospital well before initial surgery just to make sure.


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I had to get two bags of blood when I was going through chemo, as my Red count dropped to dangerous levels.  I confess, I would look up at those bags and wonder whose blood was dripping into my veins and then coursing through my body.  

At the end of the day - and it was a long process - I was grateful to whoever donated. It is a gift indeed and I appreciate all of those good folks who take time out of their day to donate. 

But, if you can be prepared, that is a great idea. Hope you don't need it though. 


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When I had APR, I had to have a transfusion on day 2 after surgery. My white cell count would not come up so they did the transfusion. My WBC has been chronically low.


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Thank you!  The hospital said I could use a family donor but they had to be there with fresh vein waiting :)

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No blood needed, had robotic APR surgery

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Thank you!  I am also having robotic surgery.  All of you have made me feel better about this.  Merry Christmas!!!!

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