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5 Years NED

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I was diagnosed with UPSC stage 3c in April of 2014. Five years ago I had just finished the last of my radiation which followed my chemotherapy. I saw my oncologist today and he declared me cancer free. He also stated that he thought I was also at a very low risk for reoccurrence. When I was first diagnosed I was desperately seeking hope and I found it here on this board. I rarely posted but I did follow it. I found myself checking it less and less as time moved on because I think you have to mentally move away from thinking about cancer. It doesn't mean it's not always there, you just bury the worry so you can move on. But I wanted to post today to let others know that there is hope. It is not an easy battle and it's definitely not fun. I think I had almost every side effect you could get during chemo. And I was horribly sick with radiation. I just kept telling myself it was because the the theraphy was working. After treatment was over I was exhausted, had spontaneous diarrhea and bordered on depression. But slowly I healed and today I am the strong healthy happy woman I used to be. My energy level amazes me because I still remember the fatigue. So believe me there is hope and the battle is worth it. And don't get hung up on the CA125. Mine went up for UTIs, other infections and recently because of diverticulitis. But always check with your doctor. I have an amazing gynecological oncologist, hopefully you do too. Good luck!

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I've completed chemo and will start brachytherapy in January with a grade 3 cancer.  I'm so happy that you posted about being 5 years NED.  Like many others, I get afraid to be overly hopeful even when I have a clean CT scan, as I was just told today.  Mary Ann

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Thank you for posting your wonderful news about no evidence of disease of cancer! So happy for you!! The body and mind are unbelievable creations in terms of what it can endure.

I have a recommendation for a wonderful book to read in honor of your 5 year anniversary. The book costs $10 hardcover.  I find it has great meaning as a cancer survivor. It is called “ More Beautiful Than Before- How Suffering Transforms Us” by Steve Leder.

 “There is real and profound power in the pain we endure if we transform our suffering into a more authentic, meaningful life. “ 

Continued good health to you!  You have been blessed. 


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Congratulations, I'm so happy for you. I am 9 months out from my last chemo and radiation treatments and had a scan and great checkup Tuesday.  While I'm happy about that, I also find myself wondering when my recurrence will occur, hopefully never.  I hope that I can echo your post at my 5 year anniversary.  May you have NED forever.  Merry Christmas.

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 Thank you for sharing your story and giving us encouragement and hope that there is a possibility of good health and a normalcy of life after cancer.  Congratulations on being cancer free! That is wonderful news!

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Happy 5th Anniversary els19!!!! And, thanks for coming back and celebrating with us. May you dance with NED forever.

Love and Hugs,


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els, thank you for posting and allowing us the opportunity to celebrate your victory!  May you have many healthy and happy years.  I am sure your success is helping many, like you, you have found this site seeking news.

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Thanks posting your encouraging news. That must have been music to your ears. Here's to your future without visits to an oncologist!

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to come bak and share your good news,   It helps to know that it is possible to remain NED.   May it last your whole life long.

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Thank you so much for coming back and posting.  When I was diagnosed with UPSC/clear cell, I was sure I would be gone in 9 months.  At the moment, I'm about 15 months past diagnosis, 6 months NED after having completed chemo and radiation.  Seeing postings like yours gave me hope.  Please continue to come back and post every now and then.

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Thank you for sharing your success story.  Gives us hope, and boy do I need it sometimes.  Here's to hearing from you again when you hit 10 years NED!


Fridays Child
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And thank you for coming to share your celebration with us!

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I was reading some old posts, and wanted to share this. Its nice to hear good news, even a second time

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Congratulations on this wonderful 5 year achievement. I wish you a healthy llife cancer free.

This gives all UPSC cancer survivors HOPE and especially newly diagnosed ladies  who we all know go  on an emotional  rollercoaster and question everything and the unknown like chemotherapy and radiation but yes the unknown is much more scary than reality. You never know how tough you are until you got to be!

I wish all cancer survivors including you much happiness.

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