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Follow up blood work - concerned.

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Hello, team.


I'm not a doctor, and I don't pretend that any of you are. Some follow up bloodwork was done on me and I just want to compare notes. I have an upcoming appointment with my nephrologist.

Background: I had a nephrectomy in March. Tests performed approximately two weeks ago:

  • Glucose - High 117
  • Bun - 19
  • eGFR (African American) 85
  • eGFR (Non-African American) 74 (Why on Earth they would separate this like that, IDK).



  • Glucose - 127 
  • Bun 14.8
  • eGFR 59.9


So looking at the eGFR, which I think is the key one for us single kidney folk, that seems OK. Bun went up. I realize that blood tests are a point in time snapshot. What have you heard out there? I do remember being a bit dehydrated going in to this test. Maybe it's nothing, or maybe that's what it is with a single kidney. IDK. 


Ah, RCC. The gift that keeps on giving. :-/

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I would say with one kidney those numbers look good other than the glucose. Thats the one my doctor gets on me about. Almost pre diabetic he says. Yours seems to have gone down some.  I dont know if you get blood work on a regular/yearly basis and have access to those numbers on a chart or graph. I will tell you I do, since 2011 my bun numbers run the gambit from 13 to 19 with no ryme or reason. Same with the EGFR, it runs the gambit.  Kind of weird but your EGFR went up after your full neph, case in point. Im 52 years old and I had a partial and our numbers are very similar. My EGFR is a tad higher or so at 80

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What the nephrologist says and recommends. That appointment is a couple of weeks away. :-[

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I am a one-kidney person from birth, then had a partial nephrectomy 3+ years ago to remove a tumor. My gllucose has fluctuated from 90s to 70s; BUN also - in last two years from 18 to 25 then back down to 17; EGFR hovering in mid-40s (I haven't seen the racial divide before!); - so I think your numbers look pretty good. What is your cretinine? Yes the glucose looks a little out of range according to my charts. I was worried about my labs in October, but my nephrologist did not seem concerned and said I have better numbers that some 2-kidney folks. My one kidney brought me 69.5 years so far - the last three of them with a little shaved off the top. Glad you are seeing your nephrologist soon - be sure to write down all your questions and/or take someone with you who can help pay attention and take notes. Take care -

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It says 1.19. Range says 0.70 to 1.30 mg/dl. I don't even know what that means. LOL!

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My BUN numbers were up on my last test, which my doctor felt because I'd fasted from water before my blood test - which he told me not to do that anymore. See what your doctor says, but keep in mind that BUN is just a part of the equation. Think positive - your GFR looks solid. 

As for the non-African American GFR, from https://www.kidney.org/sites/default/files/docs/12-10-4004_abe_faqs_aboutgfrrev1b_singleb.pdf

12) Why are there different estimated levels of GFR for African Americans, males and females, and people of different ages?African American patients: The CKD-EPI and MDRD Study equations include a term for the African American race to account for the fact that African Americans have a higher GFR than Caucasians (and other races included in the CKD-EPI datasets and MDRD Study) at the same level of serum creatinine. This is due to higher average muscle mass and creatinine generation rate in African Americans. 


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Your egfr is WAY better than mine lol. I'm two years out from losing a kidney and I'm still in the 50s. Looks good to me :)

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