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Uterine Board Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Other Information - Updated 1/28/2021

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While any member can create a new forum topic or respond to an existing topic, this page was created to provide members with quick links to certain posts on topics that others have found useful or informative. It also includes links to outside references and help on using certain features of this site.

Here are the main sections included in this FAQ. Scroll down to find each section.

  • Uterine Board Links
  • Searching Your Own Past Posts
  • Searching Past Posts from Other Members
  • Updating Your Profile
  • Adding a Picture to a Post
  • Duplicate Posts

Uterine Board Links

You can also search the CSN site for other posts on topics of interest (see search tips, below).

What do you wish someone had told you? - Includes a lot of advice from different members about what to ask your doctor(s) when you first learn you have uterine cancer.

Tips for surgery and after? - A list of suggestions for those facing their first surgery for uterine cancer.

Ladies going through chemo - how are you doing? Or those just starting or curious - Although the posts date from 2015-2016, many of these comments still have value today since treatments can be the same for many women.

Icing - A discussion of the icing techniques used by some women to prevent neuropathy.

Roll Call - Periodically a member will initiate a topic asking those on the board to share some brief information about their cancer experience.  Search for the phrase roll call in the Search by Title box to see the latest and earlier versions of the roll call list.

Tribute Page - A list of women who sadly didn't survive their cancer, but whose participation on this site remains very meaningful to other board members.

NCCN Uterine Cancer Patient Guidelines for Uterine Cancer - A publication of National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) that is periodically updated.

Information on the Uterine Board Content Lost in CSN Outage - CSN lost all the content that had been submitted by site members after October 29, 2018 to January 30, 2019 in a data outage. This link explains the steps that were taken to retrieve as many posts as possible from this time period.

Searching Your Own Past Posts

CSN has added a new function that enables you to find the posts you've originated or responded to. This is very useful when you want to find something that you had written in the past, but weren't sure exactly when you wrote it or the topic's title.

To use this function, first click on the "My CSN Space" link in the box labeled "CSN" on the upper left side of the site page.

Then click on the "My Posts" tab.

You can then see a list of the posts that you've initiated (the "Content" option).

You can also see a list of the posts that you have commented on (the "Comments" option).

Searching Past Posts from Other Members

The search function on CSN is not as robust as you might be used to with other systems. Therefore, while you may have some success using the "Search by Title" or "Search by Keyword" on the uterine board page, I've found that using the "advanced" search function found under the "Search CSN Content" link at the upper right hand corner of the webpage usually provides better results, especially if you're searching for a phrase such as "chemo before surgery."

However, this type of search will produce results from all the boards, not just the uterine board. Also, you can't create searches with two or more parameters such as "doxil AND uterine" and expect to get only results that include both "doxil" and "uterine."

Instead you'll get a list of hits that include "doxil" OR "uterine" OR "and." The word "and" is treated just as another word to search for, not as a search limiting condition.

Plus the system doesn't support the use of wildcards like * or ? to substitute for certain letters.

If you'd like to search for your own posts, use the "My Posts" function described above instead.

But if you'd like to see the posts made by another member, use the format "[username] Posts" such as cmb Posts in the "Containing the phrase" advanced search box. This search finds many, although typically not all, the posts made by a member.

Please note: The results list for any of the searches under the advanced function load VERY slowly and there is a delay as you scroll to each new page. CSN says that the hit list is displaying the results in order of relevance, but this means that older posts will often be displayed before newer posts, which can make it harder to follow a particular topic through time.

When the chronology of posts is important and you're only searching a single keyword, try using the search function on the uterine board's page first since those results are listed in date order.

Updating Your Profile

Besides including a photo as your profile picture, you can also document information about your diagnosis, treatment and experiences living with this disease. Other members can refer to this information by clicking on the username in the blue box to the left of the member's comment. See Update Your Profile for instructions on updating the profile or using the blog feature to capture this information.

Addng a Picture to a Post

NoTimeForCancer asked CSN a few years ago about how to include a picture within the text. See the post at https://csn.cancer.org/node/298154

The instructions CSN provided in their answer (How to upload a picture) are still applicable, but they can be a bit confusing to someone using this function for the first time. 

A couple of important points to remember:

  1. The picture must first be uploaded to your "image library" on the CSN site before it can be inserted into a comment. (Note that "image library" is that name that I use for these personal collections of pictures – not an official CSN term). Once the picture is in your image library, you can insert it into your comment as the instructions below explain.
  2. There isn't a way for a member to delete a picture from the image library.

Here are CSN's instructions for adding a picture to the "image library" and then inserting it into a comment.

How to upload a picture


Here is a description of how to upload a picture to the comments box.

1. First click on the picture icon which is labeled "Insert/Edit Image" when you put your mouse over it.

2. A screen will pop up, click on the box next to the "Image URL" area. When you put your mouse over that box it displays "Browse".

3. This will open another menu and you want to click on "Upload".

4. From this menu it will allow you to choose a file from your hard drive of the image that you want to upload.

5. Choose the file that you want and select it, then click on the "Open" button. 

5. It will take you back to the previous menu and in the "Choose File" box it will have the name of the file that you have chosen.

6. Click on "Upload".

7. It will then take you back to the menu where you can select "Insert File" at the top.

8. Then it will take you back to the original menu where you select "Insert".

9. Now your image should be in the comments box and you can post it or also add a caption.

Please let us know if this is helpful to you!

Duplicate Posts

Sometimes you accidently create a duplicate post, but the system doesn't allow you to delete the duplicate. If you select the "Report as Inappropriate" option on the duplicate comment, CSN support will delete it for you.


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