Uterine Board Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Other Information - Updated 4/12/2022

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While any member can create a new forum topic or respond to an existing topic, this page was created to provide members with quick links to certain posts on topics that others have found useful or informative. It also includes links to outside references and help on using certain features of this site.

Here are the main sections included in this FAQ. Scroll down to find each section.
● Uterine Board Links
● Site Redesign
● Searching the Site
● Other Support Services
● Updating Your Profile
● Deleting Duplicate Posts

Uterine Board Links

You can also search the CSN site for other posts on topics of interest (see search tips, below).
What do you wish someone had told you? - Includes a lot of advice from different members about what to ask your doctor(s) when you first learn you have uterine cancer.
Tips for surgery and after? - A list of suggestions for those facing their first surgery for uterine cancer.
Ladies going through chemo - how are you doing? Or those just starting or curious - Although the posts date from 2015-2016, many of these comments still have value today since treatments can be the same for many women.
Icing - A discussion of the icing techniques used by some women to prevent neuropathy.
Anybody else suffering from extreme fatigue and/or chronic diarrhea? and Finally some relief - neuropathy and diarrhea – A couple of topics that discuss the post treatment side effects of diarrhea, fatigue and/or neuropathy.
Roll Call - Periodically a member will initiate a topic asking those on the board to share some brief information about their cancer experience. Search for the phrase roll call in the Search box (see more searching tips below) to read the latest and earlier versions of the roll call list.
Tribute Page - A list of women who sadly didn't survive their cancer, but whose participation on this site remains very meaningful to other board members.
NCCN Uterine Cancer Patient Guidelines for Uterine Cancer - A publication of National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) that is periodically updated. The more comprehensive NCCN Guidelines for Uterine Neoplasms intended for clinicians is also available, although you do need to setup a free account to access it. This version contains detailed information on recommended therapies and post-treatment monitoring, amongst other topics.
Information on the Uterine Board Content Lost in CSN Outage - CSN lost all the content that had been submitted by site members after October 29, 2018 to January 30, 2019 in a data outage. This link explains the steps that were taken to retrieve as many posts as possible from this time period.

Site Redesign

This CSN discussion site was extensively redesigned in December 2021 and included a number of changes and enhancements. If you already used the site before the December update (or even you're new), here are a couple of links that that you might find helpful:
New Site Format Question
Change is hard!
And be sure to read the Some tips from CSN topic. More help is available at the "CSN Help" link.

Searching the Site

Before the December 2021 update, it wasn't always easy to find exactly what you were looking for. This changed with the site update. See Searching this Site (with Examples) for searching hints.

Other Support Services

While family and friends can be great sources of support, as this Board can also be, sometimes you may want advice or to share experiences with someone else locally. Many cancer treatment centers offer a variety of information and services that can be helpful such as counseling, support groups, nutrition advice, exercise classes for cancer patients, financial and insurance navigation assistance, wig fitting, caregiver support and other programs.

CSN also provides other support services besides this Board. See the link at https://www.cancer.org/treatment/support-programs-and-services/resource-search.html for a tool to search for specific types of support services in your area.

And if you'd like to have one-on-one support from someone who shares your diagnosis, one of our long-time Board members recommends Imerman Angels at https://imermanangels.org/about-us-2/

Updating Your Profile

It's very helpful when a member includes some information about her diagnosis and treatment in her profile. Sometimes others forget that information when responding to a post, which may make our suggestions or experience less useful than intended.

So please consider updating your profile. Often your initial posts on this site will provide a lot of background detail you can reuse for the profile. To save you retyping this information, see "My Topics" under Quick Links to look at those messages and copy the text to create the profile. While this shows just the topics you originated, you can also look at all the comments you've made on the topics originated by others by clicking on your username or photo and selecting "Comments."

And if you're a long-time member, also consider taking a look at your existing profile to see if you need to update it to reflect your current circumstances. See New Site Format Question for help in editing a profile that was created before December 2021.

Duplicate Posts

Sometimes you accidently create a duplicate post, but the system doesn't allow you to delete the duplicate. If you edit the post to say 'duplicate" and select the "Flag" reaction on the duplicate comment, CSN support will delete it for you.
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