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Checking in after quite a while

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Hello, everyone -

I've been gone from the forum for quite a while, taking a break from talking and thinking constantly about cancer. For those who have joined the forum since I was here last, I was diagnosed almost two years ago with Stage IV, Grade 1 endometrioid adenocarcinoma. I'll update my forum profile shortly to reflect current status.

I've been heavily focused on living with cancer instead of dying from it, even despite the dire Stage IV diagnosis. I was pretty debilitated after chemo and the constant pain caused by my current meds, not recognizing my newly chunky self in the mirror and grieving the loss of my previously active and athletic self.

In recent months I've been working hard to get back into shape, hiking a nearby mountain with my dog (and sometimes my husband) pretty much every morning before work. Even though I still don't feel like myself, I'm starting to feel much stronger and happier again. I've been so afraid of getting lymphedema and I've been relieved to feel my legs feeling thinner and more muscular inside my jeans.

I was lucky to get some excellent results from chemo, which shrunk and mostly killed the mets to my lungs (the only place I've ever had mets). The Aromasin I'm on now also seems to have contributed to bringing those suckers to their knees.

I had my first scan in 6 months on Friday. After 18 months of scans every 3 months, waiting 6 was a bit scary. I just got word: No evidence of disease. Can't quite believe it, know that it may not last for years or even a year, but am still singing from the rooftops today.

And thanking you all for so much good advice and support over the journey so far. Thanks to what I learned here I have no neuropathy and was able to navigate surgery and chemo far better than I would otherwise. You all are a blessing.

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Tamlen, so happy to hear that you are feeling stronger and happier now. And the latest scan showing that you're NED is really great news! Thanks for the update.

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What a wonderful result! And lovely timing ro share it, as I am having a 6 month CT today. Happy to hear things are improving  and you're finding your way. 

Fridays Child
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Good luck with your scan, Lisa, and please keep us posted with your results!

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I hope all goes wonderfully with your scan results!

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Great to hear from you Tamlen. Very special to have the update you have shared with all of us. Congrats on NED. May you continue the dance for many years to come.

Love and Hugs


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Oh, Tamlen - this is wonderful news!  I also heard those beautiful NED words last week after my 2-year scan.  I fully understand the tension of living in this new world - trying to find  a balance between thinking about it all the time and trying to forget about it.  I admire your persistence and success in becoming strong and athletic again.  Thank you, thank you for coming back and giving us continued hope.  I was also Stage IVB, but Grade 2.  So thankful to know we are both still hanging in there.

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It is amazing to here those words, isn't it? And you with Grade 2, too. What a milestone!

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That is wonderful news!! Congratulations.

I just had my yearly scan (I was 3a) and still NED as well. Such a relief.

Enjoy climbing mountains!

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It's so wonderful to read here how so many of us with advanced stage cancer have gotten to NED. It's uplifting to see it.

Was waiting a whole year a nail-biter?

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Glad to hear such wonderful news! I love your attitude - "I've been heavily focused on living with cancer instead of dying from it,......" That is something we should all learn to do.  Please pop in once in a while to keep us updated on your good news.



Fridays Child
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Thanks for updating us with your NED scan results!  I was diagnosed in Jan 2018 with recurrence/metastasis but so far have not yet achieved a NED scan.  Hope I can join that club before long.

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Hooray!!! Love to hear how active you are, so focused on living and doing.  I too am a member of the NED club - just had scans done last week, NED.  I've come to think I'm going to be living and planning in chunks, from NED exam to NED exam, for the time being.

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What wonderful news!

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Ah Tamlen, thank you for checking in and letting us know how you are doing.  I pray for your continued success in health!

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Your spirit was missed, but you sound like you have reached a good place.  Thank you for sharing, and checking in.


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Thanks for all the love and support, everyone. We went out for a celebration dinner last night. My husband couldn't stop grinning and I was positively giddy.

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Gladto hear you moving forward in your journey. Sounds like you have done a lot a good for yourself. Keep up the good work

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So very happy for you Tamlen!!!  I totally get your decision to focus on trying to get active and feel more like your “before” self. The anxiety between or as one approaches their scan appointment is something none of us ever gets use to. Here’s to many years of dancing with NED dear one!



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