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Advanced Cancer and waiting...

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I've been watching my score go up this year (surgery early 2010 and salvage late 2015).  My PSA is now .310 up from a .207 in March and .210 in July...I continue with a good and mostly plant base diet, which I believe has helped me over the years (outcome could have been aggressive but it hasn’t to date).  Some days I hate it…So, I keep busy (just bought an abandon 40 acre apple orchard that needs lots of TLC)…I do have a couple of cheat days every 3 or 4 months where I’ll eat a bacon cheese burger but I’m pretty consistent with the plant base diet that I incorporate some cold-water fish into…At the end of the day, I’m blessed…Cancer affects all of us differently and those around us.  So, I’ll stay business, stick to my diet, keep a healthy weight and enjoy my time until the doctors say ADT and reevaluate.


The best to everyone on their journey…


Georges Calvez
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Hi there,
I would not say that your score is going up; it might be, on the other hand it might not.
Look how this guy's PSA level fluctuated over a 28 day period and you will realise that your PSA may or may not be showing anything.
Hang on for December, you may get lucky and see it stay level or even fall.

Best wishes,


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Hi George...thanks for the positive feedback...

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Wow … …, that is a big piece of land surely requiring loads of care. I have a fewer number of fruit trees in a 4 acre piece, and each passing year I feel lesser energy to care for it. Working the land with my MF 135 (older than me) has given me trouble too in walking due to a heel spur that it wasn’t there before buying the land. But I am enjoying the produce (fruits and vegetables) grown free of chemicals.

You titled the thread as “advanced cancer” but I think that your case is still localized. Your history since 2010, doesn’t imply a sort of aggressive type of cells in spite of the diagnosed Gleason score 4+3 (7). You still got a chance in eliminating the bandit if you manage to identify the cancerous spots and these lie in an appropriate area to receive spot radiation. This is what I have suggested in your last thread in here;


The present PSAdt of over 12 months would get you into a PSA of >5.0 (your doctor’s trigger threshold for the next treatment) in almost three years from today. That gives you enough time to explore possibilities in an oligometastatic treatment. They are doing it a JH so that you may inquire them or request your doctor to do so after a PET scan done to locate the spots. ADT will be always valid at any PSA level.

The ORIOLE study;


Best wishes,



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Hi VGama...you always take the time to provide great and current information...my urologist in CA said it was "advanced"...I'd shop for a new urologist but University of SF works with me plus I'm on a life long study with Northwestern by Dr. Catalona's team and they at some point in time (as you have noted)...my urologist in CA will be the last  to know...I'm  blessed for sure...i will bring up JH study  to my team...

I've taken on huge physical projects the last 7 years here in CA.  Its been good for me plus profitable too...sometimes I feel it keeps me alive...




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