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Ibrance and Aromitase Inhibitor

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Hi there,

After two recurrences, I was put on Ibrance and an aromatase inhibitor.  I am in remission for now.  I've been on this regimen since December, 2017.  Is anyone else on this combo?  If so, for how long?


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I know some have been on letrozole (an AI), but I've never seen anyone on Ibrance. I hope it's working for you.

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Yes, it's working well for me.  I've been on it for 22 months. My doctor says he's had patients on if for 6 years.

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Since I've found the board-specific search function doesn't work that well, I did a broader site search for Ibrance and only found one post from 2018 on the uterine board (https://csn.cancer.org/node/316954) that mentioned Ibrance.

Namedropper discussed taking this, but it was treatment for her breast cancer – a cancer not related to her original uterine cancer. She has tended to post to the breast cancer board (which had a number of other posts on Ibrance) since that diagnosis, but hasn't been on either board since last April. But you can try sending her a private message through CSN to see if she can offer any further information about this regimen,

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It's mostly presscribed for mbc breast cancer. Many of those ladies have active tumors when they start on it.  Using it for recurrent endometrial cancer is more recent.  It probably helps that I have ned.

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