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Joined: May 2018

Today I accidently discovered  4 doctoral students driniking on premises. Their explanation? We can t handle it anymore.  

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I will never understand why so many people (that are not in extreme physical pain) want to just spend their precious time on earth in a stupor from drinking or from narcotics. 

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Having a drink has enhanced many moments I had with my late wife and others. The idea that it puts you in a stupor, unless you're abusing it hard, is absurd. I've had a number of times in my life that felt far less than "precious", so my attitude towards what others choose to do is mainly, "to each his own".  AS for Butt, I'm sure she would have liked to tell them thet don't know what real pressure and anxiety are all about. When we get diagnosed, an awful lot of life's problems shrunk down to size...............................................................Dave

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I am from Louisiana. I was worried my liver couldn't handle surgery considering how I drank in my teens and twenties. Apparently though my liver was just fine, well except for the 3 huge lesions. Now I have a mostly new one.

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I think AZ is talking about the high amount of young folks who drink to excess, as opposed to those who drink socially and in moderation. 

I have also seen young people who are at blackout stage, and too many (in my job) who are whacked out on drugs. 

We all know there are extremes, but for those of us who enjoy a drink to loosen up our souls, it can be a happy pastime. 


Posts: 399
Joined: Apr 2018

Certainly not a teetotaler by any means-am a big fan of beer myself. Just see many in my rural area abusing drugs and alcohol and am mystified by it when am fighting so hard to live. Jeez.

Posts: 399
Joined: Apr 2018

Not implying that a few beers or drinks put you in a stupor. 

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I have had some of the best times of my life while drinking.  I am enjoying a beer right now.  I think we may have become a bit Puritan in these matters.  I never drink and drive.  I did not drink and work.  But this is my choice, and so far it has worked pretty well for me.

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