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I have Shingles

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and The fun never stops.

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So sorry.  I made sure my hubby and I got the first vaccine that came out, and more recently, the Shingrix Vaccine.  My kids are getting to the age that I need to encourage they get the shot, too, as they both had chicken pox in 1971.

Hope the pain and rash aren't too bad.



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Not fun

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My brother and a friend of my daughters had them.  Both of them said they are extremely painful.  Hope you have a mild outbreak.  

Take care,


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Just what you didn't need. Hope it's a mild case and you recover quickly. All the best to you!

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Dealing with the shingles was pretty sucky, but it'll be over before you know it. Hope you feel better soon! 

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OK, well... it's weird but it's not science.

My sister's mother in law told me that a friend of hers, surprisingly, found relief from shingles by applying the milky sap of a Frangipani tree. She was quite genuine about it. i decided that I would try it if I ever got shingles And suggest it if I met someone with shingles.

That was 15 years ago and you're the first I've met, Crash. If you have a Frangipani tree handy I would love to know if it actually helps.


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