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Scans coming up in October. Scared.

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So my surgery follow up scans are coming up in October. I'm really scared. I've kept my lifestyle, including the occasional drink or two. Just learned that a good friend is battling Type IV liver cancer and has not given that much to live. I'm depressed. I'm worried. I'm not sleeping. :-\ :-\

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First scan is the scariest, I think... But it will get better with time (after couple of years)

You were Stage 2 because of the size, right? And no other bad features?  You should be OK then. BUt it is scary indeed.

Sorry to hear about6 your friend, this is terrible. BUt it is not an omen that smth similar would happen to you. Hopefully you'll find some sleep and strength to support your friend!

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It was stage 2 with no bad features. But this is terryfing. I won't be able to sleep well for a while. :-(

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Scan time is always stressful. the first or one of many as the time goes on. I just had mine earlier this month and am now in my seventh year since nephrectomy. All good so we move on. I'd like to say it gets easier but it doesn't really, its just the new normal. Hang in there, all will be well.

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Canadian Sandy
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Mine is also coming up in October. It’s my 3rd year scan for colon cancer and second for kidney cancer. Im also a bit anxious. It never leaves just a part of the new normal. Good luck!

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Please try to think of scans as routine maintenance, like an oil change for your car.  They're to help us stay healthy.

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Very stressful time. I absolutely hate it. But hopefully you'll get good results and a visit from NED. All the best to you!

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You have to be scared we all are this is normal when you hear the word cancer every one get scared but cancer is not a death sentence any more you just started your journey you at stage 2 let the doctors take care of you you will be fine 

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It's not easy, but you can do it. Remember the words of the great FoxHD, "Any time worrying is wasted and you never get it back. Stay positive."


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Don’t forget beer and pizza after the scan

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on this board used to tell us to change our thinking about our scans.  Rather than dread them and fear them, we should remember that these scans can save our life.  IF (notice I said IF) something does pop up, we catch it early and can better deal with it. 

Don't get me wrong, the anxiety of those first set of scans is incredible.  Try to relax and breath.  Soon, this will be passed you.


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I get scared too. 

Try and think positive and take care of yourself-health, diet, water etc. 



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i get anxious too. I like what Alice said think of it as regular maintenance. 

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We all suffer from scanxiety. It's our new "normal," whatever normal even is.

Just go with the flow, enjoy living and keep on going. That's all anybody can do.

This, too, shall pass.

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Is our new way of life...the first one is difficult. Like many others have said it's a good tool and part of our lives now. I'm having one next week, I am three years from diagnosis and surgery. All the best to you.

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