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I thought I wasn't anxious about my scan Wed

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I thought I was not anxious about my scan on Wed. But here I am, wide awake at 5 am tossing and turning. I realized I haven't had a scan since my pre liver resection scan that didn't have some twist of a new tumor. This one is to see if the erbutix and irinotecan has worked after the first four rounds. I asked how they would be able to tell since there must have been growth during the 6 weeks after my last scan until they started treating me. I have a face and scalp full of pimples, and lost almost all of my hair, so this will really suck if didn't at least halt the growth. I have hope that I will be that one in a million who does so well on these drugs that I can eventually get to NED just from chemo.

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Sending positive vibes your way. I well know how anxious one gets for the good scan. I really hope all your super effort works! You are a warrior!


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Thank you!

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Good luck Abita, we have our finger's crossed for you and are hoping for the best outcome :)



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Wishing you the best, and hope you see the meds working wonders, and not just damaging your hair and face. 


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Canadian Sandy
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Hoping for a good scan. The anxiety is always so hard.


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Who wouldn't be nervous in our predicaments? Praying for the very best outcome possible, and that your beautiful hair will be back in a hurry!

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It's common to be nervous about an upcoming scan.  Sending positive thoughts for great results.


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sending good thoughts & prayers that chemo is doing it‘s job and shrinking the tumors. 

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everyone gets nervous at scan time!!! You will be just that much more relieved when it’s good news!!!!

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Capox Dude
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I'm counting the days till my baseline scan after surgery and chemo.  They thought it was in my lungs and liver, and then thought maybe not and had surgery.  So I understand your nervous.   White light and prayers and good thoughts coming your way  

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Well I hope today is nothing but good reports for you, Abita. We'll be thinking and hoping for you to hear positive stuff.....................................Dave

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