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Anyone heard from Marosa?

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Just curious how her husband is doing.  I haven't seen her post in a while.

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Thanj you Sandy23 and tahnk you Iceman for sending the message.  Sorry to not ckeck in once in awhile but I have been overwhelmed living thru this again and my husband and I are trying to deal with the present situation by having the closest to a normal life as possible.  he does not feel like joining any group or reading about cancer or even learning anything other than what him and his doctor talk and decide.  So we do it his way and in the process.  It has also been difficult for me to come back often after Fox passed away, its been a little too much and I guess the time out has been needed.  I joined Smart Patients to learn more about my husband's treatment but do not post and don't visit much.

I just had my check-up and everything looks fine, September 30th will be my 5th year anniversary.  I've been lucky, so far so good.  As for my husband, he has mets in both lungs and and is taking Sutent, he is in his 2nd month treatment and doing pretty good even if the adverse effects are not always easy to handle.  As far as knowing if the treatment is working, we will have to wait for his scan on the 1st week of September.  He is amazing, never complains and is very optimistic and lives and enjoys life as if nothing was wrong.  I was not like that but Im learning with him that worriyng does not help and only robs you of the present time.

We are vacationing thanks to very generous friends in the beautiful island of Sardinia in italy, living day to day and enjoying life as much as we possibly can.

I hope and wish everyone is doing well but I know for some it is not so.  I wish them strenght and hope and peace and to be getting a lot of love from their loved ones.

Im not using computer or being on line much but I'll be back eventually when back in the city.  I can be away but will always come back from time to time.  I got a lot of love, caring and information here and that I will never forget.

To all, be well

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Marosa, so nice of you to share this update.

Great to hear you're NED. Your husband is really amazing! Wish him lots of strength and continuing optimism.

Sometimes I think it is even harder when the one you love is ill, harder than being sick ill. Hugs to you!

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Happy for your NED results and wishing you and your husband the very best. I love his attitude; he sounds like an amazing man. 

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Always good to hear from oyou Marosa! Hope you are not reading this presently but having a wonderful, meaningful time on that island.

Sorry to hear about your husband's struggles, yours too. 

We're always here for you, anytime, anyplace.

It is okay to email me to IF you choose to, I mean.

You do things YOUR way, hubby too!

But I will send you healing hugs filled with 



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good news on your NED.  Thanks for sharing that.   Wonderful you are enjoying an Island.  That is like wow!   

I will keep you and your husband in my prayers for easy outcomes, healing, and continued good good days.



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We are now back from vacations and waiting patiently for my husband's scan on Septermber 2nd and wishing for the best.  I will be back with news.  Sending loving and healing thoughts to all.

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and hugs sexy girl


and prayers especially for hubby



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