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First Post-op Scan Today

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I wish I could say I wasn't anxious about my first scan but that would not be true. I hate to even walk thru the doors of the hospital. Anything that even resembles a medical practice makes me cringe. I drank one of my "delicious" prep bottles last night before bed and have one more to go this morning..yuck, lol. Life has been good these past few weeks and I am praying it stays that way. Please keep me in thoughts and prayers today for good results. I have a follow-up to get the results with my oncologist on July 2nd so I will update you guys on the results then. Until then, fight hard and love life!!  Hugs, M

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Praying for you today ! Hugs and strength and NED!

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Good luck on the results.  The waiting is always painful.

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Sending you best wishes and prayers.

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I've been thinking about you.  I know you hated the idea of getting back into the medical world.  I totally understand.  


I hope all went well today! and that you have only good news from the oncologist next week!  Keep us posted!

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Praying that the best results come from your scan today.  It is hard not to worry, that's for sure.  The waiting can be torture as well.  Try to keep your mind busy until then.  Glad that you are feeling better.


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And hoping your scan results were good ones!

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