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3.5 weeks post partial nephrectomy

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Hello everyone. Newbie here.


I had a partial robotic nephrectomy 3.5 weeks ago to remove 2.5 cm mass in right kidney.  It was Stage One RCC.  They said they got it all and the next follow up is in three months for renal function study and scans every six months.  I feel okay.  Started going back to work part time, full time next week.  I had some kidney pain, flank pain a couple of days ago and called the on call MD.  He told me what signs to watch for to go to ER.  I have been pain free since.  I guess it takes weeks to feel "back to normal".  I guess I keep wondering "how did I get kidney cancer", but the answer is undoubtedly, endless.  Who knows? 

They told me reocurrence rate was 1%.  I am still nervous.  I have a nodule on my left lung that has to be watched in future, per CT scan, and worry about some enlarged lymph nodes in abdomen that are being watched over time on CTs.  That is how they found my kidney cancer, by doing CTs to watch the lymph nodes in chest and abdomen that so far "favor benign process".  I have had horrible inflammation issues.

What kinds of lifestyle changes have you all made since dealing with your diagnosis.  I am trying to eat better and be fit.  I have lost 15 pounds since my diagnosis but am still overweight.  My appetite is not so good lately.  Are there things you do to try to keep kidneys healthy or things you don't take or injest?  I am trying to work on drinking a lot of water and not taking a lot of Naproxen, among other things.

Any insights or advice you all can share is appreciated. 

I am reading though everyones' posts and learning a lot.  Thanks.

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Do your scans and watch your kidney. While you may lose a little Kidney function from your partial  neph, other things contribute to kidney health as well. Watch  your blood pressute and weight. You are not going to be fully healed for a number of months.   Dabetetes is a no no for kidney function. Take it easy going back to work.







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I try to drink more water and avoid nsaids like Ibuprofen. That's probably difficult for you to avoid if suffering from chronic inflamation issues. Maybe discuss that with your physician. There might be alternatives or ones that are not so hard on the kidneys. It does take a while to get back to "normal." Your surgery was not even a month ago so lack of appetite and minor aches and pains are normal. All the best to you.

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Yes. There are not much of dietary information on kidney cancer. As the norm eat as healthy as possible for kidney cancer avoid too much protein, sodium and no NSAID medication.  And like what Iceman said follow a diabetes dietary and watch out on your weight & blood pressure, very important. 

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I had a 1.7 cm or so lesion on my right kidney that was removed robotically almost exactly three years ago today.  I was 60 at the time and  semi-retired.  I was (and still am) a gym rat, but I gave myself two full months before returning to any strenuous activity.  I recall that 3-1/2 weeks, I was mainly walking (I’ve always done a ton of that).  I, too try to minimize NSAIDs and drink as much water as possible.  I also cut out most sugars and simple carbs (not always successfully as I’m a chocoholic).  I drink alcohol only in moderation (a glass of red wine or a beer.....never any hard liquor).  I never smoked.  And I try to do 8-12 glasses of water a day.  It seems to have done me ok, as my kidney function is strong and my weight is pretty stable.

As to what caused it, the only contributing factors I had were male and over 55.  When I asked my primary doc, the urologic oncologist and the surgeon why I got it, they all shrugged and said, beats me.  There’s no history of kidney cancer on either side of my family, so all I can say is.....stuff happens.

Keep asking questions of your doc(s) and keep on the schedule for the scans and x-rays and, while I know it’s impossible this early on, try not to play “what-if” games on yourself.  Based on personal experience, that’s a great way to go crazy and caus3 yourself all kinds of stress-related issues.

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Welcome, Shelmel.  You've got some really good advice from our experts.  I hope you continue your journey to be more healthy.  If you make it a priority I know you'll be successful.  Keep us updated and ask questions as they come up.  We'll try to help:)



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