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Lonsurf results so far

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This is my first post. I have been reading this board for some time. I felt it was time to report this to other members.


I had been on every other chemo treatment available to me with moderate sucess, and they all quit working. I have colon cancer with mets tp liver, lungs, and peritoneal lining. I was diagnosed in Febuary 2017. I also have the Kras mutation, so treatment has been difficult. I have had some sucess with other chemo coctails.

I finally ran out of treatments that were working, and was put on Lonsurf. I have will begin 4th month of it next week. I  realise it might quit working at any time. But I just finished my scan this Monday, and was surprised to see the results. My scan showed all positive. All the mets had shrunk or were gone. I feel very good about this of course, because from what I had read, Lonsurf was not very effective. This is my last alternative, so I can only hope.

I am 81 yearsold and in reasonably good health, except for cancer. Also the side effects of Lonsurf have really not been that bad. Some of the usual chemo effects, but very toleralble at least for now. I thought the rest of the board might be interested in this treatment.

 Hope I can continue to post good news.




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That's great news, I pray you continue to due this good.


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Thanks Mitch



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So glad to hear this is working for you. Here’s to many more good scans!


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It gives us all hope to hear of success when all of the other treatments stopped working. I have KRAS mutation too, oncologists never expressed much concern about it but I know it is not the best hting to have. Praying for continued good results for you!

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I've heard so few, so I am happy to hear that it is working well for you. 

Continue to live life to the fullest, and pray that those mets keep shrinking and disappearing. 

We welcome to the forum, and we're so happy that you have decided to post. 

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Hooray for you! That's wonderful!! It's crazy how chemos differ in side effects and results from patient to patient. 


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Thanks to all of you who wished me continued sucess. I hope all the same for you. I will post again as soon as I know if this will continue


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i hope it keeps making you better!!

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Thanks again.


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That is good news.  If you ever need any questions answered we are a group of people, but since you said you have been lurking for some time now you already know that.  Hope you continue to do well.


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Thanks Kim



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