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Is this an effective treatment?

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I recently saw this alternative treatment for prostate cancer (I'm diagnosed with Gleason 6, multiple positive cores), I am considering the treatment because it has no side effects as surgery and radiation. Does anyone know if this is a reliable and effective treatment for prostate cancer? Here is the information below:

Contreras Alternative Cancer Treatment (C-ACT) is designed to address the root metabolic causes of cancer. These metabolic traits are present in all malignancies regardless of cancer site and type.  For this reason, your C-ACT treatment plan may be similar to the protocols other patients are on.  The C-ACT we are recommending will include Infusions of Amygdalin (Vitamin B17), High Doses of Vitamin C, Infusions of Vitamin K3, Whole Body Hyperthermia Sessions, Ozone Therapy with UV Light Treatment, Detox Sessions, Food Supplements, among others. Once you are admitted, we will conduct a full medical history, physical exam, and order lab work and imaging test if needed to confirm your diagnosis and current condition. This will enable us to personalize your C-ACT protocol to meet your specific needs.




Contreras Alternative Cancer Therapy Protocol

1st Cycle of 20 days


Laboratories, Blood Work and Imaging Tests


It is important that our team of physician get the baseline of the condition that you came in under that is why on your first day with us we will perform a complete physical evaluation and a variety of test. These tests include:


ü1 Imaging Test ( Pet Scan )

ü1 PT and 1 PTT

ü1 Complete blood count and metabolic panel

ü1 Tumor Marker

ü1 G6PD Test (High dose vitamin C tolerance test)

ü1 ECG


Antitumoral Therapies


Once we have the baseline of your condition it’s time to start with the Antitumoral Therapies all of these are used for their potential to eliminate cancer cells. You will be doing these therapies in sessions that may include one or many of them at the same time depending on Doctor’s orders. During your 20 days stay you will receive the following:


ü9 Sessions of IV Amygdalin (Vitamin B17)

ü18 High Doses of IV Vitamin C

ü2 Sessions of Whole-Body Hyperthermia

üDaily Doses of cancer specific food supplements and nutraceutical

üDendritic Cell Cancer Vaccine

üDetox sessions as needed

üMultivitamins and Mineral replenishment IV sessions


Oxidative Therapies


Oxidation or increased oxygen concentration is the most effective way to kill a cancer cell, so cancer cells have found a way to keep themselves hypoxic, or low on oxygen. Successful oxidation can occur through natural therapies like the ones we administer at Oasis of Hope and the ones included in your treatment plan will be as follows:


ü6 Sessions of Ozone Autohemotherapy

ü6 Sessions of Ultraviolet blood irradiations

üDaily doses of oxygen carrying pentoxifylline

ü7 Sessions of IV Vitamin K3


Medical Services and accommodation


We are a fully operating hospital and our integrative and total care will mean that you do not have to leave our facilities for any of your clinical needs, for those purposes we provide the following.

ü24/7 Medical supervision

ü24/7 Nurses assistance

üPrivate room in our facilities for patient and companion

ü3 Meals per day for patient and companion

üTransportation from San Diego to our facility and back

üHealth Coaching and Nutritionist assessment

üCooking Classes

üSpiritual and Emotional Care (optional)


5-year Follow Up Program


After your first cycle there will be a team of doctors following up with you by phone and by email.



Cost of the 1st Cycle of Treatment:

$29,500.00 USD

There is a special grant for being admitted in the month of June. Please contact Juan Enrique Sanchez for more information.





Georges Calvez
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Hi there,
The short answer to your question is no.
The long answer is that there is no evidence that many of the above therapies offered have any effect on prostate cancer and in some cases such as Amygdalin (Vitamin B17), they may actually be harmful.
Amygdalin (Vitamin B17) aka Laetrile is not a vitamin in any accepted sense, it is a fairly toxic substance found in a variety of seeds, you can read about it here.
There is no evidence for high dose vitamin C, ultraviolet light, ozone, etc having any effect on prostate cancer.
You need to consult with your doctors and see if watchful waiting is an option in your case.
If not you need to consider a proper procedure such as prostatectomy, radiation, etc.
I am sorry to say this but that 'medical treatment' is nothing but a waste of money.

Best wishes,


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Max Former Hodg...
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I 100% agree with Georges.  

Over the decades, 'natural' cures like pot, saw palmetto, and many others have come and gone.  No reputable, academic evidence ever to support any of them.   Cancer itrself is in no way 'natural.'  Also like Georges, I was told during long-term chemo for lymphoma that many 'healthy supplements' in fact counteract mainstream drugs and assist the cancer cells. 

 Medicine is not a huge conspiracy designed to make money and kill people by denying natural remedies.  I am not an 'anti-natural person.'  I take B-12 today for more energy, and fish oil for cholesterol improvement, per recommendation of my family doctor.   Just not against cancers, because for that, they are bad, or at a minimum, help nothing.

Also, my conventional, surgical cure, cost way LESS than what you posted....


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Thanks Georges for this info, it is truly appreciated!

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I would not risk my life on it.  As stated above only conventional cures have the time proven history behind them. Sounds like the place might be south of the border.  If it was me I would want to know what all the suppliments,UV treatments, and other additives could do to your body.

Dave 3+4

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Thanks Clevelandguy for you advice, it is well taken.

Georges Calvez
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Hi there,

Have a look at stanh's story, he tried the IV vitamin C, ozone up the bottom, etc therapy and it did not do him a lot of good at all.
His cancer is a lot worse and he has lost valuable time so his treatment will have to be more severe and he is likely to have to deal with cancer outside the prostate.

Best wishes,


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Thanks Stanh for the information, I've decided against moving on with this treatment

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We are at about the same stage and I would not even consider going to a clinic like that.  But for about the same amount of money I would consider HIFU treatment,

However I do consume  a very small amount of B17 daily.  The best source is found in apricot kernals.  It is cheap and won't cause any harm.

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My opinion is that any alternative treatment should be tried. So I'm for any other therapy!

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Bugs Bollox
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I don't know where you live, but I'd try to get to some national center of excellence (Cleveland Clinic, Mayo, Johns Hopkins, etc.) and find a rock star urologist. With a Geason 6 cancer you may not need treatment at all. If you can see a couple different doctors, so much the better. I'm a believer in second opinions. Information is golden.

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