Transitioning from alternative medicine to hormone therapy - advice, experience?

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I've been pursuing alternative treatment with naturopaths for more than two years with little success and am likely switching to conventional hormone therapy.

DETAILS: PSA was 5 in 2014, not too concerned as the guy who invented the PSA test now recommends it not be used at all. Focused on other health issues, especially weekly bouts of AFIB lasting 8-24 hours each.

A few naturopaths later I found one who cleared up my AFIB within three months. He was also addressing likely prostate cancer as my PSA had risen steadily to over 20 by that time. After a year with continually increasing PSA had an MRI (I have thus far avoided a needle biopsy because of the risk of spreading the cancer and other complications) which showed two tumors, both protruding outside the capsule. 

Switched to a naturopath who specializes in cancer (should have done it sooner--but when the first naturopath cleared my AFIB I thought he would be able to handle it). He began very aggressive naturopathic treatments right away: a bunch of supplements, IV vitamin C three times a week, with several other therapies at the same time. I've been with him since October (it's now May). He's switched up the the treatment plan a few times as we weren't seeing the kind of progress both of had hoped for--now I'm on IV sodium bicarbonate and IV ALA (each once a week) along with ozone delivered rectally and also in a steam cabinet (HOCATT), mistletoe, and other therpies.

My PSA has been hovering around 50 since January--so the treatments have had some success--PSA was going up exponentially before. During that time there's been one drop of 3 points and one of 1.1 points, compensated for by rises. So we seem to be in a holding pattern.

PLAN:  I have already seen an oncologist who is supportive of alternative treatment, referred to him by my naturopath. He regards the PSA as an accurate indicator in my case. He says the cancer has likely spread, possibly to the bones, but can't be sure without a PET scan. His feeling was that two weeks of Casodex followed by Lupron would be the way to go. I have been resisting this because of fear of the side effects and experiences reported on this forum. But I'm moving into the desperate stage. If my next PSA at the end of this month does not show a significant drop, I will likely go back to the oncologist and begin treatment with him. At that point, my naturopath takes on a support role to help mitigate side effects of the drugs. In addition to side effects, I'm concerned because I've heard that Lupron stops working after one or two years

I would be grateful to hear experiences of anyone else in a similar situation or any other comments people may have about this approach.

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    I would also recommend you

    I would also recommend you sack your naturopath and get a dietician with a real qualification and experience in dealing with people under treatment. There are plenty around and you just proved to yourself the naturpath cannot do any good.

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    Hi there,

    I think that you should realise that the level of PSA does not say much about what the cancer is doing.
    What it says is that there are abberant cells there making PSA.
    If I were in your shoes I would have that scan and a needle biopsy immediately and then see where to go from there.
    If the cancer is low grade, Gleason 7 and your skeleton, etc is clean of metastases, I would seriously consider a prostatectomy to debulk the tumour followed by radiation and hormones,
    Higher grade radiation plus hormones.
    Really aggressive action could extend your life by years, ozone gas up the rectum, etc and you will be in serious deep stuff very soon.

    Best wishes,