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Estrogen Vaginal Cream

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Double Whammy
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I had Garden Variety Endometrial Cancer 9 years ago.  Everything has been fine and dandy since and surgery was the only treatment need.  I also had breast cancer and was treated with chemo and anti-estrogen (Tamoxifen and Arimidex) after.  For the last couple of years I have been having frequent bladder "infections" (sometimes culture does not grow anything and I have been worked up by a urologist so I'm not too worried about cancer contributing) .  My breast cancer oncologist suggested I start using estrogen vaginal cream because being so estrogen deprived might contribute to the symptoms I'm having (hematuria, pain and frequency).  And the estrogen applied is only absirbed locally, not systemically.    Then I remembered I also had endometrial cancer.  Just wondering what you have been told if anything about use of estrogen vaginal cream.  I will check with oncologist first, of course, just wondering what you all have experienced.  

Thanks a bunch.


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but you might try vitamin e vaginal suppositories. You can get them on amazon. 

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My tumor (UPSC/clear cell) actually had estrogen receptors, so I'm now taking an estrogen blocker.  It's something you should discuss with your oncologist.  Perhaps your tumor was tested for estrogen receptors?

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Kathy G.
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Hi Suzanne!

I was prescribed the same thing for frequent UTIs by my family doctor. I asked about the risk factor given my estrogen driven uterine cancer and he said that given the low doseage of the cream and directions to just use a couple times a week the risk of using it was minimal.

However, after thinking it over I decided not to use it. I know if I ever had a reoccurrence I would blame the cream and kick myself in the butt for using it!

I researched UTI treatments other than antibiotics and found d-mannose on Amazon. If used regularly it can reduce or even eliminate UTIs...

Best of luck on your decision!


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d-mannose but I think it is only effective if on e-coli. I use it religiously. Combined with vitamin e suppositories for the dryness May be a winner. 

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Suzanne, so good to hear from you.  Sine you had the 'garden variety type' it might not be an issue, but UPSC women have to avoid all hormones as it feeds our cancer.  Heck, the body treats soy as hormone, so I avoid all soy products as well.  


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Suzanne, great to hear from you! I had UPSC and my GYN/Oncologist wanted me to use the vaginal cream as well. I did try it for a couple of weeks but was never comfortable with the idea of using estrogen anything. He assured me there was very minimal risk but I just couldn't convince myself to use it. I also use the vitamin e suppositories for dryness and itching. Like Cheese said, they work well. I don't have bladder infections or those kinds of symptoms so I can't offer up anything along that line.... Except to say that I drink a lot of water. 

Love and Hugs,


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