Remembering our forum friends, who have passed

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This Memorial Day, I would like to remember BRHmichigan - Beth, who lost her life to this dreadful disease on November 30th.  I read many of her posts, yesterday, and remember her for her strenght and fight. Her friendlness. Her desire to live. 

As always, there are forum members who pass away and we are not notified by their loved ones. They just don't come around any more, and we are left wondering. 


Unfortunately, I was lax in writing down the name of our friend and caregiver, who lost her husband to Cancer, and while I looked back over the posts of the past year, fear it was part of the several months that were lost when CSN crashed the site. 

I humble and sincerely apologize to our friend.  And, if anyone remembers her name, please post. 



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    RIP.  It is a great time to meditate on mortality.

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    So sad. Oh how I wish we

    So sad. Oh how I wish we could all win this fight. I didn;t realize she'd passed. I wonder if it was when I took a break from the forum. I like to think that if people aren't on here anymore it's because they beat it and are living their lives.


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    It's sad to look back to see the people we lost the last year.  When you've been on the board as long as I've been - you remember a lot of people unfortunately.  They are not suffering now and finally at peace and that's the only comfort I'm able to draw from it.  Thanks for posting this.


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    Me too Kim

        Yes it is sad but those that we have lost were well and truly worth knowing and I try to remember them all.Ron.

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    Thanks Tru (Sue) for posting

    Thanks Tru (Sue) for posting this appropriate message.  As you recall, I had a special kinship with Beth and was corresponding with her via private messages trying to encourage her.  Even until a few weeks before her passing I had no idea that her health was failing so quickly because she remained so strong, optimistic and pragmatic in each response.  She loved her family greatly and cared more about their welfare than her own suffering - a heavenly maternal instinct for sure!


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    i was just recalling Beth few days back very sad to know about her