Saw my onc yesterday

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I had the follow up to my last round of chemo that I didn't complete (again) due to my magnesium levels. The magnesium is low normal not and incresing so that should be good. My CEA is up by .2 so he's not worried about that at all. And my kidneys are still maintaining themselves. They're not great but not terrible and have been steady for almost two years now. He's going to move up my next CT to get a more accurate picture of what's happening right now but he's quite happy with how I'm doing and is still comfortable with holding off chemo until the fall or until things get worse. So I just have a blood test once a month for the next few months.

His nurse gave me a big hug and told me how happy she is that I'm doing so much better. It was a positive visit. I'm hoping that maybe my body will get used to the chemo because this last time it was much more tolerable than it's been before. The only reason I had to stop it early is because of the magnesium level.

Anyway, that's my good news. I'm still getting stronger and feeling good. I rode my horse again on the weekend and am able to go up a flight of stairs without using the railing on most days. It's slow going but it's going. Yay!

Hugs to you all and be well,



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    Love the good news Jan! Glad

    Love the good news Jan! Glad you got to ride your horse, that will always make you feel better.

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    Terrific news. I’m so glad

    Terrific news. I’m so glad you are getting your energy back. I know how that is. I’m 4 months out from chemo and I am finally feeling good. You just enjoy!


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    Happy Day!

    I am so glad that you are doing so much better Jan! I am so happy that you are getting your energy back finally! Great Big Hugs to you!!!! 

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    Congratulations Jan Jan,it is a great day for you.And gaining your energy back must be a wonderful feeling. Enjoy every day!


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    Up on your high horse

    Jan, it is so great to hear that you can ride your horse again!  You have fought hard to get back on your feet.  Congratulations on the great results and here's wishing for many more good days ahead.

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    Congratulation Jan on the

    Congratulation Jan on the awesome news. 

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    Very happy for you......But still want to see go fund page :)

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    Great news Jan, glad to hear

    Great news Jan, glad to hear your back in the saddle again!

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    So glad you were able to ride

    So glad you were able to ride.  And good to here about your energy returning and a good onc visit.

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    Thank you all so much! I told

    Thank you all so much! I told a few of my friends and one asked if it's good news or bad news. I said it's not bad news so that automatically makes it good news.


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    Great news!

    I‘m glad to hear you are feeling better & getting a little stronger. 


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    Wonderful news!!

    i am so happy to see it!!!! Most of all I am happy for you!

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    That is very good news and so glad that you are getting a much needed break.  Sounds like your strength is coming back too.  It's wonderful that you get a chance to ride your horse now that you are feeling better.  That's got to make a huge difference.  Thanks for the post.


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    Great news!

    That’s wonderful to hear Jan. Giddy up!

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    Put cancer on the back burner

    And enjoy Spring and your wonderful horse. So glad to hear you are doing well, was so worried not so long ago about you! 

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    Thank you everyone! 6 months

    Thank you everyone! 6 months ago I'd cry when I woke up in the morning because I was hoping I'd die in my sleep. And now I wake up and lie there for a minute doing a quick assessment and I'm good every day and I'm loving life! It's not the life I used to have but it's a life and I am so grateful. I'm still pretty weak and sometimes I forget that. Yesterday I went to plug in the vacuum cleaner and was leaning over and started to fall. I don't have the strength to stop myself but I tried. So I slowly slid to the floor and landed on my knee that I skinned by falling a couple of weeks ago. Yuck! But I'm still improving!


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    You Are Awesome

    i have read about your struggles and also your many accomplishments. Congratulations and so happy to hear you are able to ride your lovely horse.