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BCG Treatments with horrible pain

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I just finished my 3rd maintenance treatment and the pain when urinating is horrible.  I had some of the same symptoms following the 5th and 6th of my initial treatment but it only lasted a few days.  This time it started after the 2nd treatment.  I have an incredibly hard time urinating (never a strong flow only light and can't seem to empty my bladder) and the pain is terrible.  I make several trips to the bathroom throughtout the day and night with a strong urges to go but barely able to at all.  I tried pyridium (AZO) but it didn't seem to do much good.  I told my BCG nurse about this on the last two (#2 and#3) and he says some people have harder reactions than others and wants me to follow up if there is no change in a week; had the last on 26 Dec 18.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


BTW-my WBC was at 25 following the first but no infections after they did a culture.  The WBC was at 181 following the second and caused them enough concern to hold off for an additional week before the third, still a negative culture followed.  When I did the third (day after Christmas) it was a 42 but the doctor said it was important to continue with the treatment.  Anyone else have these kind of numbers?


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I had similar pain after my treatments. The Doc prescribed Vicodin which I took right after treatment. The difference was like night and day. My trips to the bathroom were very few compared to previous treatments and the burning and pain were greatly diminished.


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