Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma of Unknown Origin metastasized to bone marrow

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Hi, My son, 39, was diagnosed 3 and a half months ago with signet ring cell carcinoma of unknown origins, metastasized to the bone marrow. We are really afraid because there is so little information about this cancer and presentation and what is on the internet is not optimistic. He was told he had from 3 months to 3 years to live with treatment, which wasn't started by the oncologists immediately because they hoped to identify the original tumor (better for deciding chemo). Since his diagnosis, it has progressed rapidly, several vertebrae in his spine have crumbled. His labs looked unremarkable, but now on chemo (he just completed his third session), he is very anemic, requiring 2 transfusions. 

If anyone has any information on signet ring cell cancer or cancer of the bone marrow, please share your experience! He is also going to get radiation treatment for a tumor in his C1 vertebrae to prevent further damage. 

Anyone who is here as a patient or friend please post!   


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    SRCC w/mets to bone

    I also have SRCC with mets to the bone...I had 2 courses of Chemo, which did nothing to help my type of cancer.  My doctor finally told me there was nothing else to try.  Miraculously, Keytruda was approved for cancer not responding to chemo.  I have been on Keytruda now for 2 years and my tumors have become smaller.  I had radiation to help with the pain from the bone mets in my lower spine, and I now feel relatively good.  I am on Keytruda IV every three weeks, no pain meds and doing well except for low B12 levels, low Magnesium levels, and a mild skin condition I am told is caused by the Keytruda. beats the alternative, doesn't it.