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Pending biopsy results- very scared.

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Hello all,

i am am overwhelmed with the support on this page and am hoping someone can provide some feedback and encouragement for my current situation. I am a 27 year old only child to my wonderful parents.

My mother, my best friend, my everything is pending her biopsy results for potential lung cancer. She has had a cough for six months that just never went away. Every month she was at the allergist, ENT, primary care and nobody was concerned for more than allergies or GERD. Fast forward to two weeks ago, her x ray indicated fluid in the lung. We proceeded with a CT that presumed there was amass in the right lung infiltrating the bronchial tube with possibility of a liver lesion. 

The pet scan came next and we received the results Tuesday. It was devastating. Her cough turned into what appeared to be metastatic disease. The results indicated a large mass in the right lung into the windpipes and surrounding nodes with possibility of modules in the left lung. There also was evidence of two spots on the liver, pelvis spots, and a spot on the femur. The pulmonologist is in a sit and wait type of mood and I feel my mother is not his priority. She is terrified and after reading on the internet fears her time is short. We get the results Tuesday of the biopsy (they are doing the liver and not the lung?) 

SUV uptake is high is all the above mentioned areas, over 2.5 which is scaring me a lot.

ive already contacted MD Anderson so when we have the final diagnosis, we can try to be a patient there and save her life. She is devastated and scared. Only 61, has never smoked, and is the pillar of our family. 


Any encouraging news or comments are appreciated during the time. I wish you all the best and blessings. 

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I am so sorry to hear this. First off this is an amazing community of people. It is kind of tough in the medical world. Having an advocate or being your own health advocate is very important. This doesnt sound like the wait and see type of thing to me but I am not a dr. Prayers for you!! Maybe get on the drs. I am someone who needs to have a good rapport with my dr's. It took me 5 years to find an MD. Maybe try switching. Prayers to you


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Thanks again for your support. The waiting is agonizing!

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but the wait is necessary. The biopsy is everything. It confirms if it is cancer, the type and stage as well. From there doctors can develop a treatment plan. Truly nothing can be done until then as depending on the type a specific type of chemo or immunotherapy drug will be needed.

I am hoping by now you got the results and that treatment plan is now in place.


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