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Cure for Erectile dysfunction and rectum cancer surgery

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I was Performed Robotic Low Anterior Resection on 02.05.12 at Galaxy Care Laproscopy Institute by in Pune India for Rectal Tumor (8cm): Adenocarcinoma Grade 1. Further, I was advised not to take any medication.& The surgery was successful but since that day I have Erectile dysfunction.

Is there any cure ? Any medicine. Pl help - I am now 60 years old. The surgery was done when I was 53. And I am feeling so low since then.

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Hello and welcome to the forum it's a good place to be especially when you're in need of support, kindness, information or to just plain vent your feelings - I can assure you this is truly a judgment free zone. I'm glad to hear your surgery was a success that alone is tremendous news. Like you I am also 60 year old but my surgery was pretty recent - 12/10. The surgery was a great success and recovery is coming along just fine, without any issues or complications.

So it looks like we have a few things in common and that would include dealing with erectile dysfunction, it's a miserable problem to deal with there is great stigma attached to even talking about openly and without shame. So I understand the pain you feel and the erosion of your self esteem ED is on a mission to destroy your confidence, wreck your self esteem and wreck havoc on the most intimate aspect of your primary relationship be it your spouse or who ever you share your life with. So I get it, I assure you that I understand. My own battle with ED began many years ago as a result of both nerve damage within the penis itself and blood vessel constriction and some additional damage due to type two diabetes where ED is just part of the package for most men with diabetes, So that I suppose is a broad stroke of the bad news - but there is also good news in that there is hope out there, there are solutions that really do work and if you're willing to face and manage your ED you're going to win, you will overcome this awful condition, I assure you, but there a few steps you need to take.
It sounds like you don't have a urologist and this is critical - not having a good urologist is like trying to navigate chemo without an oncologist. It's also critical to make sure the Doctor is well versed and experienced with sexual dysfunction so don't be shy about asking because although it's difficult for you to talk about - for a medical practice it's routine and by asking to see a doctor who specializes in sexual dysfunction you'll be doing yourself a great favor. At your appointment be absolutely frank and honest about your ED and make certain you get a full and complete examination. From this point it's a process of elimination because there are so many potential causes - a thyroid condition or low testosterone levels (a common culprit of ED known as Low- T) . You'll need and should make sure you have an Intracanous injection test. This involves a painless injection into the shaft of the penis which results in an erection followed by an ultra sound examination. This critical test will either identify or rule out any vein or circulatory problems. Chances are you'll also do an over night erection test, you do this in the privacy of your on home, it's effortless to do and completely painless. You'll strap a small device around your thigh, place a soft silicone ring around the penis and as you sleep information about nocturnal erections will be recorded. You simply drop off the unit the next morning and a few days later you'll meet with the doctor to discuss the findings and your options for treatment.
And believe me, there are plenty of options, Pills like Viagra work for some and are an easy fix but there are other medications that you don't hear about in the media which work on a very different level and provide excellent results. There are medications like Papavorine and many others you can use at home, most of these are injections but the needle is so small and thin you don't feel a thing and they're very effective. There has been so much progress in the treatment of ED that I feel I can promise you there is a solution out there for you and the way to get to that solution  starts with the right Urologist. 
There is also The Boston Medical Group which only treats ED and never with surgery. They specialize in Low -T, laser therapies and their own proprietary and exclusive treatments which are well reviewed and highly regarded. They have offices in many cities other than Boston, check out their web site and maybe even see if there's one close to you. Best of luck I have no doubt that if you face the ED just like you did with cancer you'll get this behind you too, I wish you the very best of luck. Peter
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As it was mentioned a live there are several options available: shock wave therapy, pills, vacuum devices, injection even penile implants. 

You can find tons of information at franktalk.org

And definitely should find a knowledgeable urologist. Avoid private clinics that advertise ED treatment. They are a rip off and can do nothing more than your urologist.

All the best. 

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I'm sorry you are going through this and I'm glad the men are giving you some advice.  Just to let you know, men of rectal cancer are not the only ones that are targeted with dysfunction as it happens to us women too.  It's something the doctor's never told me about.  You need to see a urologist as suggested above.  I'm hoping that you get the answers you need and wishing you the best.


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I am not sure why after all these time you can t  take medications for ER unless there are some pre-existing conditions. I would think about the vessel study that is not too hard to obtain. Butt.

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Sorry, you're dealing with this.  I don't think this has been mentioned and I don't want you to freak out until you seek a specialist to evaluate your situation.  But one of the "side effects" of LAR/rectal cancer surgery is erectile dysfunction in men.  The reason is the nerves which are responsible for this type of response run through that area of the rectum where damage can result to the nerves from the surgery.  So this condition may be permanent and drugs/treatment may not help.  I just wanted to put this out there as a real possiblity as I've seen others posting on online forums have this situation.

Wishing you the best of luck.

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