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Feeling down

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Hi, I have DLBC lymphoma, active B, stage 4. Will start my 5th DA R EPOCH on Monday and am tolerating it fairly well but have been sad off and on the last few weeks.  Is that normal with chemo? My PET showed remission but my hematologist has referred me for a consult to discuss a stem cell transplant.


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First of all, kudos to you for "tolerating it pretty well" after 4 rounds!  That's HUGE and not something that I could have said at the time. As for the sadness, do remember that you are being yo-yo'd signficantly with your meds.  That "P" in EPOCH is "prednisone" which probably makes you hyper.  And then you stop it suddenly, which makes you crash.  I found that sadness, dispair, etc was very closely tied to fatigue.  Fatigue may last for a while, but does get better, so hang in there. Only 2 rounds to go!

A consult for a transplant is just a consult, so try not to stress about that.  

P.S. I'm also DLBCL, plasmablastic, double-expressor, 19 mos out from finishing DA-R-EPOCH. 

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Glad to hear you are doing well and moving forward.  That's truth about the predisone and the up followed by the crash.  Being aware of it helped me.  I had stage 4 dlbcl and had a complete remission and have remained that way almost 6 months.  You got this!


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