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Happy Birthday JanJan

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- I know you got allot of Birthday wishes on my Birthday thread, but you get a thread all of your own -

Thinking of you today, and hoping it is filled with all of the good things in life. Family, friends, Food and life. 


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Happy Birthday and happy Spring equinox!

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Happy Birthday to a wonderful, strong, charismatic, caring, kind and beautiful friend. Another milestone and testament to the great will and spirit of a mother, wife, friends, fighter, survivor and woman of God. I hope you have a wonderful day and celebrate like theres no tomorrow. Enjoy your bday, thank you for being there and take care. 

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Thanks! I think I'll do nothing special today, ha ha. Actually, I got a bonus today. I had an appointment with my onc but they called yesterday and said not to come in until my magnesium is sorted out. So we don't have to drive to the city, hooray!


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Another bonus today! My magnesium is up to 6.1 which is getting close to the normal minimum od 6.5. I'll probably have another IV tomorrow and maybe one more after that but it's improving. Also, my calcium is doing well. I've mentioned before that I have a benign tumour on my parathyroid that makes my calcium go way up. It's been stabilized at an acceptable level for a couple of months now and has actually gone down a little bit. I'm happy because that's another IV and they were getting closer and closer together in time.

I'll probably get my CEA tomorrow. Fingers crossed for 5 or under.


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Happy birthday JJ!!

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STILL? This party just keeps rolling! Happy Birthday, start of Spring, and full moon. We've got flowers popping here in SoCal, hope you get good numbers and things start to blossom your way.................................................Dave

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Hope you have a wonderful and joyful day today and many many many more birthdays!! 

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Happy Birthday . And a Fantastic present of your magnesium being up. YES. 

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Birthday.  So glad to see back on the board. 

Wishing you a wonderful year


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Thank you, thank you!! My daughter got me a sous vide and I can't wait to try it out!


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Canadian Sandy
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Happy Birthday Jan!


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Hope you got to do something special for your birthday. Happy Birthday and thank you for your wonderful contributions on this board.


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Moving a little slower these days, lol, but wanted to wish you a happy birthday!! Hope it was full of good stuff! Hugs, M

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