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Aspirin again

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On my most recent visit to the oncologist, he said that the current research does not support low dose aspirin after surgery.  I really do not like it because it makes me bruise easily, but here is a study published two days ago that concludes the aspirin is effective (abstract only): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30515899  The study shows a 31% reduction in colorectal cancer mortality and a 39% reduction in all cause mortality for people who used aspirin before surgery and continued to use it after surgery.  For those who did not use aspirin before surgery but began after surgery, there was a 12% reduction in colorectal cancer mortality and a 13% reduction in all-cause mortality.  From my perspective, these are some pretty impressive numbers for a medication with much milder side effects than chemo.

A total of 13,528 CRC patients were included. Among 3,292 patients with regular aspirin use before CRC diagnosis, 2,658 (80.7%) continued aspirin and 634 (19.3%) discontinued aspirin after surgery. Continuous use of aspirin significantly reduced CRC-related mortality SHR 0.69 (95% CI: 0.59 - 0.81), and all-cause mortality HR 0.61 (95% CI: 0.55 - 0.68). Among 10,236 patients who did not use aspirin before CRC diagnosis, 1,054 patients (10.3%) received aspirin after surgery and 9,182 (89.7%) did not. Aspirin initiated after surgery reduced CRC-related mortality SHR 0.88 (95% CI: 0.80 - 0.98), and all-cause mortality HR 0.87 (95% CI: 0.81 - 0.94). . .  Irrespective of aspirin use before surgery for CRC, low-dose aspirin after surgery lowers risk of both CRC-related mortality and overall mortality.

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My first hip surgery they gave me Xarelto as a blood thinner and hated it because everything would make me bleed and the second hip replacement they gave me aspirin.  They told me it was as effective but didn't question it.  It makes you wonder who actually is correct - uggg.


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as I've said before, I've taken that 81mg aspirin every day since I heard it might help prevent a recurrence. Neither folfox nor the baby aspirin kept the 3 mets from the liver[ and later, the one] but the onc felt the :seeds were already there at chemo, and the last met was at the far margin of a prior met. One study I heard about suggested long-term use was required to get the big benefits, but since my mom's dad died at 54 of a massive MI, I figure as long as I have no ill effects, the aspirin [and the statin] are a pretty good bet...................................Dave

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I've been on warfarin since January this year so I can't go near any blood thinners not even fish oil. Ron.

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