Mojo Moving Slooow,,,

Just signed on for a quick update. Go settled in yesterday at my daughters after leaving MUSC. Taking it slow and resting mostly. I had a drain tube on the colon incision side that was taken out the day that I left which keeps soaking thru but otherwise, doing well. Concentratng on building my energy and strength back up. Liver surgeon said he got clean margins and all looked great with my liver. Hoping for good results from the colon lymph nodes and path report...will be a few days before results come back. Gathering up all infor on mopup chemo, etc. Hope life is catching you each with gentle hands. Hugs, M


  • Trubrit
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    Good news

    Every step forward is a healing step.  Be good to yourself, and heal well. 

    Hoping with you, for good path news. 


  • myAZmountain
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    SO glad you made it out of

    SO glad you made it out of the hospital and are recovering with your loved ones! Clean margins is such a blessing!! Praying you get better super fast and next thing you hear is NED!!!



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    One thing at a time. Good

    One thing at a time. Good margins is good news. Let your daughter take care of you. Slow and sure wins the race.


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    Glad that your home now.

    Glad that your home now.

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    Great news on the margins so far and hoping for the same with the lymph nodes as the path report comes in.  Take your time to get settled in.  So glad you are up and about.  The more you move the better you will feel but don't push it and take those rests when you need it.  Continued speedy recovery.


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    As pathetic as it may sound but I don t worry about you at this point of time because looks like you will bounce back. Mop up chemo. Let s just say you will fell **** for a while but will hope the enemy would be gone and you can resume your normal life. Butt.

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    I had three drain tubes when

    I had three drain tubes when they did my big hernia, and it felt messy and peculiar the whole time, but it is what it is. Glad your in good hands and healing up. One step, one day at a time........................................Dave

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    Good news on the clean margins

    Glad to hear you are back home and on the mend. I'm glad you have a daughter who is helping to look after you so you can rest and recuperate. Keeping my fingers crossed that your lymph nodes are clear and you feel better soon. Take care.


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    Sounds good! I'm glad to hear

    Sounds good! I'm glad to hear that you're doing better and are able to relax and have someone look after you.

    I had a drain tube and sometimes get keloid scars. It happened in that spot. So now I have a huge ball under the skin beside my tailbone that hurts when I sit or lie down on my back. Just another fun thing I deal with from having cancer. Ugh.