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Rebirth Day

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My birthday was two days ago.  My re-birthday is today - the one year anniversary since my nephrectomy.  There were some complications (a clipped artery), and a four-day stint in ICU. I have extra scars (from the laproscopic start and the opening me up to fix my artery finish).  There's what I call my 'navel shelf'...which a doctor said was a diastasis recti....all i know is it's an ugly bump that apparently fixing would be considered "cosmetic" so no insurance.  BUT....I still am around to talk about them.  I know the journey has just started and there are plenty of scans and xrays in my future - but at least there is a future.  The irony is that it wasn't the cancer that almost did me in, but the 'treatment' for the cancer.  Life is funny like that.


NOTE:  Somehow I mistakingly orignally posted this on the thread about Fox - I can't figure out how to delete it from that thread.  Help!  

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Cancerversery is as good a term as any.


As for deleteing your other post, edit it and say posted in srror, than flag it.



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Happy Birthday.  :)

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Happy re-birthday! 

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and re-birthday.  I call mine surgiversary...  Glad you are here!

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Happy re-birthday, Tapman! And many more! 

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hope all going well for you


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Happy Birthday & Rebirthday, Jim!! Very glad to see you're still around here. My one year is coming up in about 2 weeks. People ask how I am, I sometimes say that I'm still on the right side of the daisies.

So glad you're doing good. You went through a lot!

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I usually say "every day above ground is a good day."  Happy Anniversary to you, too!

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Happy birthday and re-birthday :)

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It's funny you say it like that as I have often though of it similarly . When having a deep discussion with a brother or friend about the big things in life . I often say that cancer gave me a new sharper look at life. It may me realize what truley is the most important things in life. I hate it took cancer to do that but thankfully for it...Rebirth, I Iike that...

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Mighty Frog
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Well said by Trucker1! Totally agreed with you...

And have a wonderful Re-Birthday Tapman!


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