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Under the Knife Soon

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Joined: Oct 2018

I just wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you who has shared with me, encouraged me, and “ held my hand” thru all of this. Leaving soon for MUSC and ready to kick butt, lol. Send those prayers and good energy up and away today. I need and will take all I can get. Until I can post again, wishing you all love , light, and the strength and courage to fight one more day! Much love and hugs!!..M

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I will be up in my little canyon today, and I'll shout your name into the skies - the snow-filled skies. 

We will wait patiently for your return to the forum. Meanwhile, sweet dreams during the surgery, and speedy and as painless recovery as you can make it. 

Oh, and please, DO NOT DANCE TOO SOON, aka Ms. Abrub (https://csn.cancer.org/node/318711). We will all dance with you later. 



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Best of luck! I'll be thinking of you! Take care!


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Hang tough and home soon, we'll be waiting to hear, here. Ya hear?.......................................................Dave

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Joined: Apr 2018

You got this Mo! You will be back in your mountain paradise in no time!

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I'll pray for you.  You're incredibly strong and will get through this.  God bless.

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Thinking of you And hoping all goes well.


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Lily Flower
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Mojo, Hope you had a successful surgery yesterday and recovering well in the hospital. Won't be easy and you'll be feeling sore. Whatever you do, try not to sneeze. I tried squeezing my nose and it worked.,,lol. If you really have to, hug a pillow. It helps. As soon as the doctor lets you, start walking. Thinking and praying for you for an easy and smooth recovery!

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Speedy recovery!


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Canadian Sandy
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Thinking of you and hope for a fast recovery.

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good luck. hope all goes well. thinking of you

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Prayers being said and hoping all goes well.  You are always in thought and prayers.  Please let us know, when you can, how everything went.  We will be awaiting your update. 

Hugs!  Kim

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Praying all went well and for a speedy recovery.


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