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Home again, home again, Jiggety Jig!

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I'm finally home from the hospital (arrived home on Sunday.)  I'm feeling well - this surgery was the easiest by far.  However, I did end up with a 24-hr penalty/red flag (an extra day in the hospital) due to "bad behavior" (mine!)  I probably shouldn't have joined the Dance Party in the Rec Lounge on Friday evening!  Twisting and turning and moving like that is not the best idea for someone who has just had major abdominal surgery, but I couldn't help myself!  Pain was out of control all night Friday, so they couldn't discharge me as planned on Saturday.  However, I sort of behaved on Saturday, and pain dropped back down to the low levels it had been at prior to dancing!  You should have seen the drs on morning rounds on Saturday when I explained that the increased pain had nothing to do with removal of my epidural, but rather, as I said to them, it was due to "someone who shall remain nameless misbehaving on Friday evening."  One of the drs was nearly falling over with laughter, between that and my other escapades. Let's just say that last Tuesday, the drs left me in stitches; on Saturday morning, I returned the favor.

The problem was that I felt too good to constrain myself appropriately.  And now at home, I feel guiltly letting my husband and daughter wait on me, because I feel so good.

My hospital stay was all easy (except for Friday night, which was literally and figuratively a nightmare.)  Pain remained low from the very start.  And I had the miraculous event of having an IV replaced, where the IV tech did it ABSOLUTELY PAINLESSLY! I didn't believe her when she said it was done.  All I'd felt was the cooling from the cleaning swab she used.  I've never had a painless IV before, and I (as most of us here) can't begin to count the number of IVs I've had placed.

I'm doing great.  I'm hoping that this is my last surgery.  (Thanks, Dr. Paty, but you've gone in more than enough times!)

Best to all of us!


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you MUST MUST MUST let your husband and daughter wait on you. 

I am still suffering five years (in April) after 'misbehaving' post liver surgery.   Like you, I felt good, and I thought I could do more, so I did. To this very day I have extra scar tissue due to my excess movements. I can feel it almost constantly, and when I do certain things, I feel it more. 

I want you to be pain free, so Ms. Abrub, BE GOOD!   You know it won't be for long, and you can be out on the water, up in the mountains, wandering through the woods, listening to Western Bluebirds and what not. 

I am so happy to hear that all went well. And your wonderful sense of humour. Keeping the Doctors & Nurses happy. 


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Posts: 2178
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Dancing at MSK


Please note my octopus, Effie, hanging from my belt!

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Love it! So glad to hear you are doing so well. 

Continued health!


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You go girl - that octopus rocks.  So glad that you are doing better.  Hope you continue a speedy recovery.


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Wonderous! The only time I felt like dancing was at the end of the stay, doing a shuffle off to buffalo, lol....................................................Dave

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OMG! You're amazing!! Thanks for sharing your picture, I love it! Don't push yourwel too hard, after my last surgery I was great for a few days and then had a really bad one. They say it's not uncommon. Keep on keeping on, you rock!


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Oh my goodness you are are amazing--I love that picture so much! So happy things went well and you are back home!

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So happy to 'see' you.  What a FANTASTIC picture! 


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You crack me up!  You look wonderful and your bathrobe is beautiful.  Let your husband and daughter pamper you.  You deserve it!  Rest and heal quickly.

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Lily Flower
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Alice, I love your dancing photo! You look fabulous! :D So gald to hear you're home and recvoering. Love your little Effie!

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