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Need advice... Doctor recommend yearly scan

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I am 40 year old DX in May 2018 with a tumor4.6 cm, well contained, no spread, stage 1b tumor, grade 4.

Partial nephrectomy, Clear cell with Sarcomatoid and Necrosis features.

I am currently see Dr.Randall at UCSD- Koman Family Outpatient Pavilion. 

August 2018, my 3 month post surgery CT scan is NED.

Today I went to see my doctor for 6 month CT scan result also NED. Blood work result look great.

So now my doctor recommend for me to have 6 month office visit and blood work and yearly scan.

He reason is because of my age and stage 1b, he doesn't want me to expose to much radiation and it's a standard guideline for yearly scan.


My question is that should I get second opinion on my doctor recommend yearly scan or my doctor doing the right thing base on the guideline


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Bay Area Guy
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Your schedule sounds very much like mine.  I had a baby lesion.....1.8 cm.....chromophobe.  My original schedule was six month scans for two years, then annual.  But I was switched to annual after the first scan.  Same reason.....not to be exposed to too much radiation.

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It sounds similar to mine and of others on here. It is good that the doctor wants to keep you from radiation exposure. Congratulations on being NED!

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Sometimes the guidelines are a little grey and there is always a secon opinion out there that may be aliitle more aggressive. No one right or wrong answer, but you should be fine.



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My doctor said the same thing regarding radiation exposure as I was younger too 42. That's why he ordered Ultrasound and chest x-ray every 4 months for the first 2 years. I would suggest you to ask for the same because of the higher grade too. Take care.

There are also guideline from AUA and other association that you can use as a reference.

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I agree with lobbyist. At least get an US every six months. I only went to yearly after 2 1/2 years of NED follow ups every six months. I was stage 1a, grade 3. 

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im also on yearly scans. He probably also orders the scan with contrast, which isn’t good for kidney function.

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With no METS to monitor, they are only looking for something that might or might not appear.  So 12 monthly is probably OK as mRCC mets typically dont grow all that quickly.

Just hope that if there is something there, that they pick it up immediately.  My hobby-horse, I know, but accuracy of detection of small mets in organs such as livers and pancreas needs to get more reliable.

Fewer CT scans is probably better for anyone than more, although I am happy to go every three months at present, as part of the trial follow-up protocol.

Best wishes, Fred

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I think the answer to the question, "Should I get a second opinion?" is almost always, "Yes." 

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When my son went for his 6 yr. ultrasound the urologist told him that's all that is required. No more scans. 42 yrs. old. Chromophobe t1a  grade 3. They don't grade chromophobe everywhere because the Furman is n/a for chromophobe. Just wondering how long other drs. have said they will scan?



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I am still getting US after 16 1/2 years although it is now every 18 months to 2 years. In fact I am going tomorrow. At my age the Uro is more focusad on my PSA.





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