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Message about Fox

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Hello everybody.  

I've written this message several times then deleted it each time trying to find the right words.....trying to wrap my head around it.....trying to hold back my emotions.  I simply can't do it, so I pass on the words from his wife.

"I am not sure that I am posting this in the right place but wanted  to updade you that Fox passed away yesterday.  He had a very difficult time and was very restless the last few hours of his life.  I promissed that I would make sure his passing was comfortable and admnistered evrything I had to maintain his comfort.  He is at peace now.  Thank you all for your support." His wife Jan

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Really hate seeing this.   Fox was very supportive last year when I found out I had RCC.   What a great guy.   He will be sorely missed around here.   His suffering is over but he made a lasting impression on many.   RIP Fox.

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Sad to see this news.  Fox was the ultimate fighter and the spiritual leader of this board.  He was one of the main reasons I continued to check in here, along with many others.  Rest easy, Foxy.

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To the wife and family of Fox, Heaven has gotten another Angel-because thats what Fox was. He was one of the first people to reach out to me and help two years ago when I first came to this site. His bravery, compassion and overall wonderful attitude helped so many. He will be missed greatly. I hope that your wonderful memories of him help comfort you at the very sad time.

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Huge respect. RIP. God Bless xxx

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You taught all of us to keep our chins up and walk with dignity i will always remember you

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Will miss u Fox

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You were awesome Fox will be missed

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I was dreading to read this sad news one day but I knew in my heart that he was ready and it got to be too much.  He meant more to me than I can say.  Goodbye my dear Fox, FLY!

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Healing hugs to you, Marosa!

Fox surely liked you too! 

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and a big loving hug for you and for all of Fox's friends here, who like me and you, loved him dearly and will greatly miss him.

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When my husband had a reoccurance and it was to the bone Fox told me that he had the same and was still fighting and that there was a lot of hope. At a time when things were most dire for us...he gave me reason to believe. Thank you Fox. May you rest in peace.

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I echo all of the comments about the support and friendship he so bravely provided at one of the toughest points in my life. 

His Fight lives on in all of us that gained inspiration from his words of encouragement.



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But I think I didn't get to interact with him.

May he have found peace. Reading posts from him around shows that he didn't let his diagnosis get the better of him, and that he resolved to live fully. Inspiration, then, for what lies ahead.

And for that, I will be grateful. Peace.

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I was afraid being away so long I will have missed our losing some of our companions that suffer with this damn disease. I'm sorry to hear this. RIP Fox. You are missed.



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