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Message about Fox

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Hello everybody.  

I've written this message several times then deleted it each time trying to find the right words.....trying to wrap my head around it.....trying to hold back my emotions.  I simply can't do it, so I pass on the words from his wife.

"I am not sure that I am posting this in the right place but wanted  to updade you that Fox passed away yesterday.  He had a very difficult time and was very restless the last few hours of his life.  I promissed that I would make sure his passing was comfortable and admnistered evrything I had to maintain his comfort.  He is at peace now.  Thank you all for your support." His wife Jan

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Somehow I knew this was coming but didn’t want to believe it. I can’t express my thoughts or feelings about this right now as I’m sure many of us are feeling the same.

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A warrior to the end. May he Rest In Peace. 

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I came online to check on my friends as I have not been here in awhile.  Fox is first one I see that has passed on.   He was always encouraging to me.  We laughed had good times on here.  My prayers for his wife and family.  RIPmy friend. You will be greatly missed on this forum. 

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When I was first diagnosed and read all the old posts, his words of wisdom were a blessing. If karma multiplies like money, then Fox is the wealthiest man ever. Pizza and beer in his honor. 

Thank you, stub, for letting us know.

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Canadian Sandy
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Fox was very special on this site. Heed his words and always keep the karma flowing. My thoughts go out to his wife and family.


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Keep telling myself that the new drug will work on him....

Fox, you beat this cancer already. There is no need to fight anymore.

You will be missed. Rest In Peace warrior.

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We will miss you!

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Dear dear Fox, we love you and will miss you. YOu are a warrior and a winner

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What strength and hope you gave to all of us. Many tears and sad grateful hearts in this group today.

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I was in contact with Mrs. Fox this morning.  Here is the address to the funeral home: https://www.funkfuneralhome.com/tributes/Laurence-Fox


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As I tear up a bit I can't help but smile at how high our friend is flying right now. Fly high, my friend.

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A fit and healthy man,, he should have had another 20 years

Your pain is over Fox..Rest in Peace


we love you and will always miss you


love to his real family and his family here

we will all be very destraught today


my husband also had a very painful death.. not nice

Fox fought so hard


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First I would like to say to Fox's family I am so sorry for your loss. Personally, Fox calmed me down when I first was diagnosed. He scolded my vanity for worrying about the potential scarring and not comprehending the big picture. But, when he advised pizza & beer was in order, it was like a Papal Blessing! Rest easy Fox, you have helped so many.

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A giant loss for our community.  He gave us all strength.  Fly free Fox and keep watch over us...I know you will.

He's in pain no more.  Peace and condolences to his family and friends.


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This broke my heart. Unfortunantly, I knew this day would come. He was such a fighter, and had the best advice. He was one of the first to give me advice and reassurance. I'm relieved he is no longer in pain. Thank you Fox for being apart of my journey.


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I am so sorry to hear this. in my very short time here he was one of the fisrt to reach out and offer guidance.  May he rest in peace :(

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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To hear this news.  May he rest in peace and may g-d sent comfort to his family-June

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May the angels in Paradise greet him with loving arms.  He was such a great inspiration.


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Bay Area Guy
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Damn.  I hate reading that.  He was a good, good person.

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Thank you for all the good you did. Fly high....

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We had a great visit, but his body was not being kind to him.  I am so glad I called when I did, and evev got him a "keep on" card an hour ago.  He knew it was time to go, but his body wouldn't quit-at least for a few more days.  We had become long distance friends on this board and off.  FLY stood for Fox Loves You....but in this case, FLY my friend, the pain is gone.

Love and Hugs to all who cared for him.

Keep on thinking of his widow.  She stil has to take care of her 94 year old mom who has Alzheimer's.  When she ate dinner, most of it ended up on the floor for the dog.


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This is so sad. I feel bad for his wife. He was an amazing person to me. To all of us on here. Fly high my friend. You are free now.

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i did not know that you and Fox were in the real world

how lovely of you to see him at the end.. I hopie you give him s big hug from all of us

i know he would have been scared but not showing it in his fox way..

i hope He got  our messages 

it will be tough for you over the next few weeks

sendinfg you strength 

we will of course send best wishes to his widow


she has suffered just as much..it’s sad she does now not have time to breathe 

I really hope she gets some care for herself 


thanks Stub..

i left a message for Fox

i hope the lord knows whats in store for him...Fox rocking the place.. just the way he rocked us


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So saddened to hear this news. My last message from Fox was taken by the crash here. But I'll keep it tucked safely in my heart.

Thank you so much, Stub. I think we all know just how hard it is for you to have to post this news.

Thanks, Jan, for your story. Now I know what FLY means. I kind of thought it meant to be free at last, which is what Fox is now.

I know he wouldn't want us sad or crying, he would want us to fight on. So, we will.

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I have no words for the sadness in my heart! Be free Fox!  My condolences to his wife and family.


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I had a feeling this was coming - but boy, does it hurt to read it has actually happened.  It's a testament to FOX that the passing of a man most of us never met, a man that was, in simple terms, words beind a picture on a board, has left me sitting here with real tears in my eyes.  His advice and encouragment to all of us is going to be sorely missed.  Talk about fighting the good fight - he did that and brought us all with him.  FLY Fox...be at peace and free from pain and worry.


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I am so sorry to read this, i knew there was something amiss when he last signed in on February 6th.  We lost a great man in every sense of the word! I am so glad he is at peace.  We will miss you greatly, our dear Foxy!  The last 7 years of knowing you were the best years!  Until we see you again, on earth, healthy and in good spirits, (John 5:28,29) may your family find the comfort they need, knowing you are not suffering any longer.  For the rest of us, let's remember how strong Fox was in every sense of the word! He said not to stress or worry because that will not add to our life, and we can't get that time back. Let's fight like warriors and do all that is possibe to beat this plague! Stay strong and conquer!  I believe his positive, fighting, encouraging spirit and attitude, kept him with us for a long time and kept him going.  Hugs to each and every one on this board! Beer, a song on the guitar, pizza and a ride on a harley in Laurence J. Fox's honor!  You will be missed! Angec

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Skagway Jack
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As I read this I am dealing also with the passing of my eldest brother (on Monday).  Though he did not die from cancer he had a difficult time the last couple of years. Fox was such an inspiration to many of us.  I have referred to the term "Fox Strong" many times since knowing him, and I can truely say I am better for having known him.   Rest in peace Fox. Via Con Dios my friend.



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OH Jack, I am so sorry to learn that your brother passed too. 

Yes, Fox or Laurence touched so many, heart to heart, with his

knowledge and led us with this wisdom.

Hope you are doing ok. May you FEEL your brother's presence around you.

Sending, Healing Hugs, 


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Hello Jack,

Just wanted to reach out to you to say I am so sorry to read about the loss of your brother. That can't be easy to go through. Big hugs to you.


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Sorry to hear about the loss in your family.  "Fox Strong" is a great term we all can use from time to time.

Take care, my friend!


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Deepest sympathies to all his family. Fox was an inspiration for many of us. One of the first to answer my first post on this board in 2014. He always had the words to keep us on track. He will be missed!! A real fighter! :-(

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I'm so sorry to read this. I'm looking for something poignant to say, but the words aren't coming. Fox inspired me, as I'm sure he did many of us. I hope we can all remember the things we learned from the experiences he shared and the example he set.The best way we can honor his memory is to keep this group vibrant, be there for each other as much as we can, and make sure new members of this community feel welcomed and supported. 

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This is about the worst post I could have seen this morning. I am so so very sad to read this. RIP Fox and my thoughts are with your family. You were the greatest and will be terribly missed. 

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Yes, Foxy and Jan, we are also heartbroken, yet relieved that the awfulness is over.

You are free Larry FLY!!


Jan, no one can know how you truly feel. You fought the good fight alone side Larry. 

I think he now knows how many of us came back to this forum just to check on him. 

We miss him terribly too. Even with the preparation of his passing.. it still hurts. 

WE now will keep on keepin on.. and on.. and on...

He was so supportive of me. So Loving and funny!

May he toss few with his friends from CNS in heaven!

Zoom..zoom.. away, as his SPIRIT is ALIVE and WELL!

Healing hugs to all of us

and to Jan and your family.


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We will all come to an end at some time, but it is still very sad to see such a stalwart of our group finally succumb.

A pioneer in not giving in to cancer, long may his memory linger.

RIP and condolences to Jan.


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Oh how my heart hurts . What an inspiration he was and is still. I pray his wife finds comfort. I know he is at peace now with no more suffering. 

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He was a wonderful man 

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I haven't been on here much, recently, but Fox was always on my mind and in my heart. Part of me held my breath every time I logged on here, and would be relieved if I saw a post from Foxy. 

Jan4You - thank you for thinking to message me about this sad news.

Foxy - you will be missed more than you know. You have supported so many of us through the years. I joined 2013 - and Foxy was active as ever. Sadly we have lost so many wonderful CSN friends. These losses are so heartbreaking.

Rest in peace, sweet friend. FLY will forever be in our hearts.


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Posts: 94
Joined: Jul 2017

Please know that we are praying hard for you. 

He will truly be missed. 

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Posts: 242
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So sad right now to get on and see this. He will be truly missed.

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I'd like to add my condolences to you, Jack. Hard, hard losses. Hugs to you.

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I haven’t logged on for a while. So sad to hear this. Fox was always there with kind words and the fight he fought gave us all hope. Fly high Fox!!

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To hear that the great Fox has passed. What an incredible fight from an incredible man. Just that pic will be ingrained in my head for a long long time...a man larger than life. So many things in life are surreal and confusing as hell. I let out a smile and think that 'ol Foxy is pain free and riding high in the great sky. Blessings to all his family 

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So sad to hear. He helped me, and so many on this forum with advice. He always had great words of wisdom and was such a positive person. Prayers for his wife and family. 

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I did not know him long at all yet you could tell he had a huge presence of love and peace about him.

Prayers going up for him family,



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Didn't really know Fox, but it's clear he will be sorely missed here.   I suspect there is much we can learn from his experience and approach to dealing with this awful disease.


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